Why America still uses Fahrenheit

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Published: 1 year ago
Fahrenheit, explained to the rest of the world

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Since I've moved to the US in 2010, there's one thing that I still don't fully understand: the imperial system. Virtually every country on earth uses Celsius but America has yet to follow. Although it might not seem like a big deal, not using the metric system puts America at a great disadvantage. For example, American kids have to learn 2 sets of measurements making science education even more difficult. On top of that, American companies have to produce extra products to export to metric countries. So why does the United States still have such an antiquated system of measurement?

Read more about Fahrenheit here: https://www.vox.com/2015/2/16/8031177/america-fahrenheit

Read more about the metric system here: https://www.vox.com/2014/5/29/5758542/time-for-the-US-to-use-the-metric-system

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Metric? How silly. Might as well change time to 100 seconds in a minute and 100 minutes in an hour.

6 hours ago

Thank goodness for Britain’s conquer and other countries doing logical things thanks for Celsius not Fahrenheit

11 hours ago

one thing that astounds me is how some americans were straight up "celcius lmao who even uses that" and we had to look them in the eye like "literally the whole world"

16 hours ago

I only generally know 30 Celsius is about 80 Fahrenheit because of a Kids Next Door episode :P

18 hours ago

It IS expensive to convert to metric, and it is slowly happening in the US anyway. Patience grasshopper. Ask Jimmy Carter about it...

22 hours ago

America 40° hypothermia, anywhare else 40° hyperthermia

2 days ago

Your story on fahrenheit and the scale is wrong, you can watch the video from veritasium and see the real reason why the scale is the way it is.

2 days ago

If America’s so bad then just go back to where ever you came from, it would be easier for everyone

2 days ago

it makes more sense to use Fahrenheit, in terms of the weather.

3 days ago

To me metric is confusing

3 days ago

The US is in many ways stubbornly unique for 1 major reason. It's cut off from the rest of the world. Americans simply have very little idea what's going on in the rest of the world. Which is ok, Except if you want to be aware of all lessons,all available solutions and methods, to best solve your own challenges.

I've only been living here about 4 years now . Where I used to live people would typically have friends and family living in neighbouring countries so there would be a regular exchange of information, & different ways of doing things. But because of it's geographic location, Americans typically don't have any friends or family in neighbouring first world countries.

Americans can learn anything on the internet, but if you don't do the research you won't know. Exchanges with family and friends in different countries by nature teach you their solutions and methods.

Americans typically never leave the US for vacation. Unlike other countries where it's much more common even in developing nations.

Also the US. is controlled by major corporations like no other country. It's in their financial interest to keep people looking inward instead of outward. That way they can charge people whatever they want for for eg prescription drugs, without people knowing those same products are much cheaper in other countries.

One of the big ways this is achieved is by flooding US media with 99% US based news. Limiting international news and info to minimal amounts.

The Drug companies pay the media huge money for large advertising spots. 1 minute long ads for prescription drugs which doesn't typically happen in other major countries.

Which I've never understood. What's the point of advertising prescription drugs? Aren't you going to overwhelmingly rely on the expert recommendation of your doctor anyway?

3 days ago

These topics are extremely toxic. Look at the comments and their replies, yikes.

3 days ago

Lol I'm in the us

It was like 80 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday
If you want Celsius, do the math because I👏 don't 👏know

3 days ago

I think it's cool the USA public gives the bird to metric!

3 days ago

I’m cool with Fahrenheit. Americans are okay with it. It is what it is.

3 days ago

Just think of Fahrenheit as a percentage

3 days ago

We do it for ~aesthetic~

4 days ago

Well, it's obvious that metric system is better than Fahrenheit!

4 days ago

Are u guys really fighting over representative numbers? I wonder how can a mind be so underused...

4 days ago

Fahrenheit sucks and I live in the US

4 days ago