Why America still uses Fahrenheit

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Published: 10 months ago
Fahrenheit, explained to the rest of the world

Since I've moved to the US in 2010, there's one thing that I still don't fully understand: the imperial system. Virtually every country on earth uses Celsius but America has yet to follow. Although it might not seem like a big deal, not using the metric system puts America at a great disadvantage. For example, American kids have to learn 2 sets of measurements making science education even more difficult. On top of that, American companies have to produce extra products to export to metric countries. So why does the United States still have such an antiquated system of measurement?

Read more about Fahrenheit here: https://www.vox.com/2015/2/16/8031177/america-fahrenheit

Read more about the metric system here: https://www.vox.com/2014/5/29/5758542/time-for-the-US-to-use-the-metric-system

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off topic a minute. Americans may or may not know but, the metric system is easier. I work on European cars. We'll get there eventually. It took the USA an additional 100 years to give blacks civil rights and women/gays are still waiting.

29 minutes ago

What would happen to Fahrenheit if America swiched?

1 hour ago

Logan Ingersonnothing. we use both right now if you notice.  'just learn both' --the metric system is easier. i use both as a 30 year long scientist and mechanic.

22 minutes ago

This is why in Canada we use Celsius

3 hours ago

of poop pile-your a former UK colony of course you use Celsius.

27 minutes ago

Celsius degres was invented in Sweden not France

6 hours ago

Why hasn't the US switched?... Money. It would be expensive.
Meanwhile the US military and medical fields use Metric.
But do we teach it to our kids, so the next generation would be ready to go?... Nooooo.
I love my country, but damn we do stupid stuff.

6 hours ago

The U.S is unique and all the rest of you guys must be boring

7 hours ago

I really don’t care.

8 hours ago

Derp Chaosmost don't. the USA uses both if you pay close attention.

21 minutes ago

I don't think conversions to the metric system are responsible for medical overdosage. It's probably mostly because of communication problems. There's no reason that statistic is relevant to the subject.

11 hours ago

Well I think that Fahrenheit is a bit easier because you don’t have to do that math and 0 is the coldest and 100 is the hottest sooo..

14 hours ago

The imperial system would make a lot more sense if we used base 12. Metric makes more sense for base 10, also metric I like how all the measurements are either based on a common substance, based on another metric unit and can be easily converted. Like how 100cm is 1M, how 1cm^3 is 1ml, etc. Also I find converting metric units easier than imperial units as I'm not the best with mental maths (I usually have to write everything down xd), like how ik 32km is 32,000m on the top of my head, whereas 32 feet in inches I'd have to look up, obviously the usefulness of some of that depends on what you do though. But that's just me and if you use imperial and can understand it then imperial is fine for you :)

17 hours ago

Metric 100 gradius increments makes more sense scientifically with Celcius, but Fahrenheit makes more sense in everyday life. Fahrenheit is relative to Freezing Point and Boiling Point. Easier system to visualize and estimate real world temperatures.

19 hours ago

actually a retarded country

20 hours ago

Joe Biden at 3:32 ?

20 hours ago

>18th century
>Union of the Soviet Socialistic Republics on the map

20 hours ago

God Damn I am proud to be an American!

20 hours ago

learn both, not that hard y'all

1 day ago

Imperial measurement is so stupid NASA lose its satellite. Even the German uses Celcius even though the Fahrenheit is founded by German

1 day ago

I’ll switch to the predominant metric system of the East if the rest of the world changes to the predominant English Language of the West

1 day ago

I agree, America should stop using Fahrenheit... and make a brand new scale! Won't that be fun?

1 day ago

Americans are stupid

1 day ago

I don't know why the US does not use the Metric system, but complaining about it smacks of insecurity and even jealousy. It's like the fact that there are so many videos on Youtube showing European people complaining about what they don't like about US culture, but there are not many videos of Americans complaining about European culture (I know, I've looked). Needless to say, cultures vary around the world and complaining about another country's culture rather than showing tolerance and respect for differences is a perfect example of narrowmindedness and insecurity.

1 day ago

I honestly don’t care Fahrenheit is more convenient

1 day ago

Why? Because you're used to it. Everyone else disagrees

1 day ago

When Americas economy collapses they're going to be the most pathetic country

1 day ago

It's gonna happen, with such a high military expenditude, it will crumble down. The first signs would be large states wanting indepence from the Union. Look at the Soviet Union, it broke down partly because of the fact that their spendings on military were just too high.

1 day ago

You need to go pound sand. Why should we change for you? You came here. If you don't like our measuring system you're welcome to move somewhere else.

1 day ago

America just wants to be a hermit kingdom like North Korea, and keep their own system of measurement

1 day ago

I just think it’s easier. The higher the number, the hotter it is. No need to make it difficult

2 days ago

You've just described temperature.

1 day ago

Why can't we use the metric system for measuring things and Fahrenheit for temperature because Fahrenheit temperatures are just more reasonable

2 days ago

Why are they more reasonable? 0 is freezing point and 100 is the boiling point of water. It's just because you lot are used to a system that everyone stopped using like 200 years ago because the Celcius scale was just, better.

1 day ago

ºF is stupid since in math & science, ºC is used all the time

2 days ago

When I grow up I’m gonna have to use Celsius even tho I’m an Fahrenheit person😖

2 days ago

When I grow up I’m gonna have to use Celsius even tho I’m an

2 days ago
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