Why America still uses Fahrenheit

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Published: 8 months ago
Fahrenheit, explained to the rest of the world

Since I've moved to the US in 2010, there's one thing that I still don't fully understand: the imperial system. Virtually every country on earth uses Celsius but America has yet to follow. Although it might not seem like a big deal, not using the metric system puts America at a great disadvantage. For example, American kids have to learn 2 sets of measurements making science education even more difficult. On top of that, American companies have to produce extra products to export to metric countries. So why does the United States still have such an antiquated system of measurement?

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Read more about the metric system here: https://www.vox.com/2014/5/29/5758542/time-for-the-US-to-use-the-metric-system

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German ? Who else say "Ach" if they gain knowledge about something ?

greetings from Lower Saxony ^^

2 hours ago

Because we're better that's why.

3 hours ago

we're not quitters like the rest of the world

9 hours ago

An inch is bigger than a centimeter but a foot is smaller than a meter.
America, explain.

11 hours ago

Why bother? Why make a whole country switch to something they probably never learned in school? Maybe add it to the curriculum in school and teach both, but no need to try to switch our entire system.

13 hours ago

Makes since when u wanna know the temperature your living in. If its 100°f it's pretty dang hot. If its 50 it's a little chilly. If its 0 better have a plan for dealing with the cold

14 hours ago

We won't switch cus Murica Best

15 hours ago

I don't have a problem with the U.S customary system, but if switching to metric gets rid of Imperial conversion to metric or vise versa, sign me up! I hate doing those questions. Ex. .082 Ft. = A 8,000m B 8.0mm C so on and so forth.
Can someone help me with this because when I get the questions, I have no idea what I'm doing. But yeah, I'd like to switch to get rid of those damn math questions

16 hours ago

Fahrenheit does have one big advantage.  Since the degrees are only 5/9ths of a celsius degree, it is far more useful for determining if the outside temperature will be comfortable or not, which, lets be honest, is the primary usage of both systems.

16 hours ago

Celsius is stupid but I like the metric system

17 hours ago

“The metric system is the tool of the devil! My car gets 40 rods to the hogshead, and that’s the way I likes it!”
—Grandpa Simpson

18 hours ago

When murica finally upgrades their system we might get a chance to switch from 360 to 400 degrees for the full rotation, as well. 360 makes no sense either (apart from acknowledging ancient history)... Although that one actually would be a bit of a challenge.

19 hours ago

It would be nice for all non-metric countries to eventually be metric. There are many valid arguments from people who are wary, such as cost, but we could simply agree to use metric for all new things, which would eventually mean the old things get phased out naturally.

20 hours ago

Why should I change what I used and what my ancestors used if I don’t change who’s gonna get hurt

20 hours ago

to me the metric system is great for things like science and engineering but for me its not good for common day to day use with metric system take temp you have decimal points instead of whole numbers take length with metric you height is a large number because its done in centimeters where i would be 198.1 cm tall with the us system all i have to say or write is 6'6" same with speed with how big and vast the us is miles make more since then Km

21 hours ago

The freezing point of a brine solution is dead wrong. The freezing point of brine solutions can reach as low as -6 degrees Fahrenheit.

21 hours ago

I can't believe it was created so arbitrarily, unintuitive and not even linear. What was he thinking?

21 hours ago

Isn't actually the imperial mesurements in the USA defined by metric units?
Saw that in a veritassium video about the metric system, the US uses the metric system to define the imperial system, so the US is metric but converts the mesurements to imperial

22 hours ago

I agree with changing every measurement except for Fahrenheit. As far as weather goes, I’d rather have a system based on the human body rather than water, it makes more sense to me. 0 F is cold 100 F is hot, instead of 0 C only being slightly cold and 100 C being an impossible temperature.

1 day ago

i laugh in every sentence, it sounds more sympathetic. laso trained my cute voice, so that everyone likes me.

1 day ago

Alexa, what's the weather today in Celsius?
I'm really curious what will happen

1 day ago

Does anyone here remember that most of the world celebrated the "millennium" exactly one year early - due mostly to an obsession with decimal numbers? Having relinquished our intelligence to some "ideal system", many people celebrated the passing of 1,000 years at the end of exactly 999 years.One year later, at the end of the millennium, there were no celebrations! And then there was the "millennium bug" scam. Remember that? You may laugh, but many intelligent business people were convinced the "threat" was real!

1 day ago

Americans like to think they are special

1 day ago

you guys.
0 °C water freezes
100 °C water boils
ez af
though if you would like a very scientific system you might wanna go for kelvin instead of fahrenheit, because fahrenheit is just some random system.

1 day ago

For an engineer, it is easier to spot a numerical error coming from the wrong unit used. As example, if I use feet while I should have used inches, I got a numerical result which is 12 times too small, but if I use meter instead of millimeter, I got a numerical figure 1000 times too small. And a numerical result which is 1000 times smaller than "expected" is easier to "spot" than a numerical value "simply" in the low side of an "expected range" of possible results. A tree can be 12 inches tall, or 12 feet tall; 4 meter tall, but ... 4 millimeter tall? nah.

1 day ago

Because it's a FREAKMASON Thing.
33° - get it? The 32nd degree is frozen still, but it's fluid at 33°.....

1 day ago

They should use a hybrid system like we do in the UK. Big distances and speeds are imperial, smaller measurements that require more precise, tend to be metric. That way road signs and speedlimits stay the same, but when we are building things like a machine, we will use metric. In the kitchen we tend to mix and match a lot, but both sets of measurements are on food containers and in cookbooks. We still use imperial for height of a person, our cloths etc, but if a doctor needs to pinpoint and area of the body, it's metric.

I didn't really use imperial until I was taught it at school around the age of 13, but you get use to it soon enough. Also if you're working on a car, it is SOOOOOO much easier to have your tools in metric than imperial.

1 day ago

Fahrenheit makes sense to me tho. 100 is really hot and 0 is really cold. 50 is mild and between there it gets gradually hotter or colder depending on the direction you go.

1 day ago

We hate the metric system.

1 day ago

I love how the comments are crowded with Americans who say Fahrenheit is more useful for everyday life.. and...
Fahrenheit, symbol of (fahrenheit), target unit for setting the temperature of a substance based on a scale where the freezing point of the water (at 1 atm pressure) is set to 32 ° F and the boiling point to 212 ° F.

The relationship between degrees fahrenheit and degrees celsius is given by the equation:

TF-32180 = TC100

Where TF is the temperature in ° F and TC, the temperature is in ° C.

To set the thermodynamic temperature (temperature relative to the absolute zero point), the fahrenheit scale can be replaced with the rankine scale in the same way as the celsius scale can be replaced by the Kelvin scale. Rankine scale is defined such that a rankine as a measure of temperature differences becomes equal to a degree fahrenheit.
Degree of celsius is a unit of measurement to indicate the temperature of a substance. The scale is divided into hundreds, where the freezing point of the water is set to 0 degrees and the boiling point to 100 degrees. The symbol for degree celsius is oC.

The scale is currently not directly linked to the freezing and boiling point of the water, but to the thermodynamic temperature scale.
This is taken from snl.no. It's a site where everything has to be true, or else the person who wrote it, gets fired. So hopefully this is correct xD

1 day ago
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