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Published: 6 years ago
Rhett's kids join him for a very special edition of Thursday Means Mail. Plus Time Rangerers! GMM #198
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Were is link ?

6 days ago

Omg I'm dying they are PRECIOUS

1 week ago


1 week ago

Anybody's watching this in 2019, i'm dying becoz of this overloading cuteness!!!!

2 weeks ago

Shep is so cuteeee

2 weeks ago

Rhett's kids are so cute😄

3 weeks ago

shepherd smells his food just like his daddy

4 weeks ago

Shepherd do you have any of your own ideas?? Uh...........

1 month ago

Shepard was so small in this video😂

1 month ago

After watching this, I miss Link.

1 month ago

Shepherd look like theon greyjoy wtheck haha

1 month ago

You eldest son looks like Logic lol

1 month ago

Oh my for I for got about time rangers

1 month ago

wore ripped jeans before they were a thing wow locke

1 month ago

This intro still brings me so much joy...especially Shepards lil laugh

1 month ago

Where is link

1 month ago

Rhett just keeps shoving jelly beans into Shepard’s mouth. It’s time for him to force feed Rhett

2 months ago


2 months ago


2 months ago

His excuse for his son's bad math is his own wife's teaching

2 months ago