My Boyfriend Left Me When He Saw My Twin Sister

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Published: 1 month ago
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Hi, my name’s Annabell! Can you imagine what it’s like to have to share everything with someone, even the way you look? Well that’s the story of my life because I have an identical twin sister called Sophie. When we were little it was the coolest thing ever because we always wore matching clothes and everyone thought we were so adorable. Our mum used to enter us in these cute baby competitions and we always won because we were double the cuteness! As we grew up though, it became a bit annoying. No one ever called us Annabell and Sophie, they just referred to us as “the twins”. We aren’t as close as we used to be and I think it’s because we both have boyfriends now. My boyfriend Jamie and I have been together for almost 2 months so far, which is my longest relationship ever! He told me he loved me after only 1 week of dating, so I think maybe we’ll be together forever. He’s incredible! We go to different schools so it has been really fun getting to know all his friends. The only problem is his ex girlfriend is super jealous, and she keeps trying to break us up! One night we were all at a party, and his crazy ex turned up and started telling everyone that I’m a terrible person and that she saw me the night before at the cinema with another guy, and that I’m cheating on Jamie! I was so upset that she would say something so ridiculous, but luckily Jamie didn’t believe her. I mean we’d been at the park the night before together, so obviously it wasn’t me at the cinema. Part of me knows that it was probably Sophie and her boyfriend that she saw, but I haven’t told Jamie about Sophie. I know that sounds ridiculous! She’s my twin sister and my best friend! But the thing is…she’s actually prettier than me. Her hair is more shiny and she never gets pimples and she’s much smarter than me too. I’m afraid if Jamie met her he’d fall in love with her and break up with me. It’s such a stupid insecurity of mine, but for now I just don’t want him to meet her. So far their



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This title is very misleading.

2 hours ago

steps sis are the worst

4 hours ago

Fucking Clickbait, He didn’t leave her.. he got mixed up and thought she was cheating......

8 hours ago

I feel like that was click bait ,
1 : it was different anima
2 : her boyfriend never left her for her sister !

10 hours ago

‘Bad decisions make good stories’

So everyone keep making bad decisions for my story animated to get more money 😂

15 hours ago



15 hours ago

Title:brown eyed girls with brown hair.
Actual Vid:black hair eyed girls with reddish hair

18 hours ago

*Girl has silver beads and more pale, not crying* = Not Ugly *No beads, darker Crying* = Ugly.

19 hours ago

0:01 sounds like one of Alyssa bustamontes quotes

23 hours ago

This tittle is so misleading...!!

1 day ago

Isn't the title "my boyfriend left me when he saw my twin sister"

1 day ago

dat clickbait

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

very bad😠

1 day ago

You guys may be identical but your personality is different ❤️

1 day ago

What???? Her name is Annebelle ???

1 day ago

Isn't it odd that there is no link to submit your story?

1 day ago

Isn't it odd that there is no link to submit your story?

1 day ago

How come the title is that he left you??

1 day ago