Every Number 1 Pick Since The 2000 NBA Draft! | LeBron James, Anthony Davis and more!)

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Published: 10 months ago
Check out the top pick from each draft since the 2000 NBA Draft and ending with Deandre Ayton!

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2019:New orleans select...

Zion williamson from duke university😂

10 hours ago

LeBron James Derick Rose and more *

15 hours ago

Dam going number one might not be all it’s cracked up to be !!!!!!!!!

19 hours ago

0:11 and 1:47 are the best picks to ever exist 🚫🧢

20 hours ago

Kwame brown the biggest bust

21 hours ago

And half them were busts 🤦🏻‍♂️

1 day ago

So many busts

1 day ago

The pelicans select Zion williamson

1 day ago

Lol good thing Ben Simmons got that rookie of the year a year late 😂

1 day ago

And the New Orleans pelicans select... Zion Williamson from Duke University

2 days ago


The New Orleans Pelicans select

Zion Williamson from Duke University.

2 days ago

Anthony Bennett 😂😂😂

2 days ago

The New Orleans Pelicans select, Zion Williamson from Duke University

2 days ago

One good player out of all those pics!!! Pathetic!!! The rest are bums!!!

2 days ago

lmao the Cavs got so many #1 picks, they own fault LeBron left

76ers didn't make a bad choice with Markelle, they just fucked up his style

2 days ago

Where’s steph?🤔

2 days ago

0:22 yeh they booed then, but YAO MING!!

3 days ago

Ben Simmons ain't a good first round pick since he can't shoot

3 days ago

The greatness of LBJ, the moment he leaves cavs they become the worst team in nba for 3 years straight, comes back and wins them a championship, leaves again and they become worst team again lol

3 days ago

Markelle Fultz was the biggest flop

3 days ago