Meet The Long Nail Goddesses

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Published: 1 year ago
The Long Nail Goddesses are a group of women who bond over their extremely long nails. According to nail technician, Maria Ortiz, a Long Nail Goddess "was meant to shine, not blend in." Each goddess has her own unique reason as to why she grew out her nails, but underlying each decision is a theme of empowerment. Despite their length, the women's nails don't hinder their day-to-day activities.

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Produced by: Nicole Reyes, Barbara Corbellini Duarte

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There is nothing we can't do...then you proceed in getting stuff out of your bag using tongs.

1 hour ago

Her nails are longer than an giraffe's neck

2 hours ago

how do they wipe their butt. im sorry but i dont find it appealing at all

4 hours ago

I wonder how they get through their life
Yes I know you get used to it once

4 hours ago

Wow how in the bleep do they wipe their booty crack after a poop? Or how do they pull out their tampon? Or masturbate! Or give a hand job? Or? Or? Or? .....

4 hours ago

How are you going to get money? Or even wear a jeans or underwear?? 🤔🤔🤔

5 hours ago

Can you tell me how to keep my dog Romance I feel so put on clip-on easily bonesteel Manhattan what you do how you doing after dealing food a tell me what you do

5 hours ago

Idc idc that shi looks ugly after it starts turning 🤮

8 hours ago

How do you guys sleep

9 hours ago

Where is this nail shop

10 hours ago


11 hours ago

Those nails are disgusting. Absolutely horryfying.

13 hours ago

Acho muito legal todas elas se sentirem tão bem com essa escolha das unhas :D Elas fizeram um companheirismo muito bonito!
Só fico muito curiosa em saber como ocorre a higienização do corpo, ir ao banheiro e pá.

13 hours ago

How do you tie your shoe

14 hours ago


22 hours ago

Their so ugly

23 hours ago


1 day ago

I have a question...

How do they wipe?? Lmao

1 day ago

them nails be lookin like squid legs thoー

1 day ago


1 day ago