Ramsay Can’t Handle Being Served APPLE JUICE Risotto! | Hotel Hell

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Published: 1 year ago
Who puts apple concentrate in a risotto!?
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The server is probably still a virgin

1 minute ago

I think that fat guy is really passionate about cooking but the owner don't allowed him to do his own menu

1 hour ago

Gwen looks like she’s 15, 25, or 35

2 hours ago

My heart goes out to that staff.

4 hours ago

Wtf is a hula hoop teacher lol

9 hours ago

Why are people working for free? If you are working somewhere and you are completely dissatisfied and putting out shit you are not proud of and not getting paid, I’m sorry but you are a complete idiot! Ramsay is a top chef and you serve that ! Yes your kids will be disappointed in you for all of the above but also crying like a bitch on tv! Sort your life out!!

11 hours ago

I feel so bad for Steve, he clearly has so much passion for cooking and respect for chef Ramsay. I hope he found somewhere better to work, where his talents are actually used.

16 hours ago

They all look like theyre on drugs

16 hours ago

Gwen is crazy. Love her though

16 hours ago

I get that they're upset that they feel their talents are wasted, but I'm completely perplexed why talented people (or anybody) would stay at a shit job they despise just to work for zero pay...

17 hours ago

Who the fuck doesn't pay staff?!

1 day ago

I don't understand people who go to a job and don't get paid

1 day ago

They get a place to live. Better than nothing.

1 day ago

Wait y the fuk does anyone stay if they dont get paid wtf

1 day ago

Gordons a savage 😂 i love it

1 day ago

How the fuk do the employees survive without a paycheck wtf

1 day ago

I bet Gordon criticizes everybody's but his mother's and wife's cooking

1 day ago

I have never seen someone suit the name Gwen so well in my life

1 day ago

The dog is a paid actor

1 day ago

Feel bad for the dude crying. He obviously knows more than the owner, but can’t/couldn’t do shit about it.

1 day ago