Ramsay Can’t Handle Being Served APPLE JUICE Risotto! | Hotel Hell

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Published: 10 months ago
Who puts apple concentrate in a risotto!?
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I just popped out of the kitchen! HhhheeeeeHhehdheE!

1 hour ago

I hate when these shows exaggerate every single thing to show that since the beginning of time this business was suffering then 2 days later everything is running fantastic with the help of ramsy!

3 hours ago

Checks layla’s pulse LMAO

5 hours ago

3:52 those pearly whites😌

9 hours ago

The waitress gets a kick from bringing the food back to them with Gordon's commentary😝

13 hours ago

Gordon Ramsay be like

14 hours ago

Why the hell are these people still working there if there not being paid ?

16 hours ago

That Richard guy sounded like a goddamn robot

19 hours ago

The housekeeper and the server seemed really depressed

21 hours ago

Why do people keep working for free?

21 hours ago

Nothing wrong with apple juice, just have to pour in slowly otherwise you get a weird caramelized carbony sugar aftertaste. Using apple juice is a good truck to get the apple flavor but not have to cook the apple to mush. One important thing is to not use concentrate with sugar added. Table sugar always tastes like table sugar. Its just taste insulting.

22 hours ago

lmao Gordon's facial expression in the thumbnail says it all

1 day ago

I feel so sorry for the chef that was crying

1 day ago

a dog in the dining room? hell naw i would check out right away because you aint begging for my food, then again the food so trash the dog is probably a walking garbage disposal that you can just pass your plate to after one bite

1 day ago

and then gordon did exactly that with the bread oh my lord knew it

1 day ago

I would never put up with a boss who purposely didn't send me my pay check. I'd be out in a heart beat

1 day ago

Yukihira soma would beg to differ if he made you the risotto with apple juice.

1 day ago

Tim V T.v Damn. Beat me to it.

10 hours ago

Hula hoop teacher?

1 day ago

Steve looks like the guy from FlexTape lmao

1 day ago


1 day ago

He check the dog pulse

1 day ago

I can't tell if the server girl is 16 or 60

1 day ago

That dog has same name as me 😂😂😂

1 day ago

Wow, this is the saddest thing with Gordon I have seen, first the blonde girl looks scared and sad, then the big chef starts crying... Whats next?

1 day ago

6:36 Come on, buddy. Bounce back. You can do it!

1 day ago

sorry but if im eating at a restaurant i sure n the hell dont want a dog running around thats gross.. n why does that girl server look so homely no wonder why the place is empty shes scary looking lol and the chef looks like he hasnt brushed his teeth n about 40 years.. yuck..!!

1 day ago

Who sells yellowgreen-ish bread!? Seriously!? If that is a true recipe and bread is suppose turn out that way I'm so done...

1 day ago

Wtf nobody gets paid

1 day ago

Damn shit had me in blues with the chef crying

1 day ago

Why did the "rice" look like cod sperm from Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with James Cordon?

1 day ago

Bunch of junkies

2 days ago
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