Is the United States a Country?

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Published: 2 years ago
This video was done in a collaboration with Wendover Productions. His video is about the same question but applied to the European Union, and you can check out his video by going here:

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Of Course, the United States is a country. But, how do you define a country?

Music is by Ross Bugden, check out his channel!

Song used is "The Wild West"

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2 days ago

Creo que estados unidos no se asemeja nada ala unión Europea por que en Europa es cierto que hay libre movimiento de unos países a otros pero el idioma la moneda y lo mas importante el patriotismo a tu país no te cabe reconocer ese lugar a pesar de que solo pases hay tendrías que vivir y renunciar a tu pasado.

3 days ago

What continent is hawaii in then?

4 days ago

0:35 He says “only 99.5%” like it’s such a small number lol

5 days ago

Make a vdo about what would happen if all Persia's empires become one and reunited today plzzzz

6 days ago

Make a vdo about what would happen if all European empire become one and reunited what if Eurasia was one country California was independent

6 days ago

I want to be triggered cause i'm from united states XD

6 days ago

Is united kingdom a province?

6 days ago

is this videos which really saying that a country that won its independence through eight years of brutal fighting should not be a country

1 week ago

it is kinda but all the states act like they are little countries. it is hard to imagine driving to a city next to you and they having different laws and taxes.

1 week ago


1 week ago

You could've said no

1 week ago

The United States is a town

2 weeks ago

america is like a grain of sand compared to canada

2 weeks ago

49 states*

2 weeks ago

Why isn't Canada part of the United States?

2 weeks ago

Yes the big beautiful #1 world superpower, the United States of America is a country 🇺🇸🤦🏾‍♂️

2 weeks ago

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland: Not if I have anything to say about it

2 weeks ago

No,its not.its a state :D

2 weeks ago

I love your vids they're so interesting

2 weeks ago