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Published: 3 months ago
We taste test celebrity nacho recipes to find the best one. Who will be crowned the winner?

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SMH Nike guy was wonderful the guy with glasses was a lil miserable but ok but the girl was just completely useless and should not be asked back.

1 hour ago

Nachos can just be cheese and chips to me so I'm going to have to judge by ingredients cuz I can't taste. lol
Rachael Ray is going to win because Snoop No bc your guacamole needs to have different elements in it if you're going to use it. Chrissy no mushrooms fine and whatever but people want meat & more dynamics lol yours to me seems spicy too spicy. Guy sorry NO it doesn't need capers LOL or ricotta cheese you got too much Italian for a nacho Alton Brown too much work but okay LOL you will need to blop of sour cream to cool it down or a tomato 😊Rachael Ray I love it but you should have used queso cheese instead of a jack cheese melt. Or Mexican blend 2 meltdown. Snoop yeah for me but I probably would have swapped your hamburger for Rachael Ray's sirloin or a pulled beef😘❣❤💋 I really considered too much to comment and review on. On this video 😊😘

2 hours ago

How did he say sausage 😂

3 hours ago

The redhead with the buzcut would be a really good uncle

4 hours ago

"I eVeNEd tHe WhoLE PlaYinG FiElD

8 hours ago

guy w the glasses is a nerd ... he needa go.

10 hours ago

My goal in life is to be more like the Nike shirt guy.

11 hours ago

Who else thinks the celebs are watching these videos

13 hours ago

Girl in black: “i don’t really like tomato in tomato soup

15 hours ago

That gay guy was fucking annoying!the guy talking during the whole video has a annoying fucking voice!

19 hours ago

Girl in black: eats one slice of jalapeno "OmG iT's So SpIcY"

Me: Have you've tried Mexican salsa ? Like the RED kind with chilis from that tiny tree

1 day ago

I couldn’t bare to watch this ! The girl and guy with the glasses made me cringe.

1 day ago

0:47 what’s that liquid on the counter?

1 day ago

Gets nachos served
Guy with glasses: that is not a Nacho

1 day ago

You should try getting Tasty producers to ACTUALLY judge the food, and not being to picky.

1 day ago

Lol everyone talking bad about the girl and loving the guy in Nike 😂😂 .... it’s all true tho

1 day ago

Yall killing me with these comments! That girl had me cringing

1 day ago

Kinda weird not to feature a chef known for Mexican or South Western cooking. The only one on here I would have maybe trusted to make nachos was Guy and he went off the deep end. I guarantee whatever Aaron Sanchez or Bobby Flay came up with would have slaughtered everybody else on here. Also let's all stop pretending Chrissy Teigen can cook, she has people ghost write her cookbooks and even then most of it is crap.

1 day ago

Gosh, these judges are such buzzkills. Except for the first one, the Nike lad.

1 day ago

Girl in black : I DoNt LiKe AvOcADo In My QuAcAmOle

1 day ago