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Published: 1 year ago
A look at the recurring visual motifs in Terrence Malick's recent films To The Wonder, Knight of Cups, and Song to Song.
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Have to be honest I only clicked on this because we share a name. But great video.

2 days ago

Men, your video is a piece of art. Analysis and visual treasure. THANK YOU

1 week ago

The Tree of Life is the most impactful film that I have seen. Absolute favorite.

2 weeks ago

Beautiful ☀💕💕💕

3 weeks ago

Congratulations,man, this is beautiful

1 month ago


2 months ago

All shit films. Bad camera angles and focal ranges.

2 months ago

@1:34 malick made the same movie 3 times and didn't expect anyone would notice

2 months ago

It's an interesting theory, and I share the curiosity and love for Malick's work (his recent work more than his pre-TRLs work), but I don't think it's accurate to say that the actors are curious and are searching and enjoying the process. Many of the actors retrospectively have talked of their yearning for more conventional film making methods.

2 months ago

When everyone started hating on Knight of Cups and Song to Song, that's when I realized I don't give a shit about movie reviews by critics anymore. These are people that praise generic, ugly superhero movies and yet say that something as unique and beautiful as Malick is a waste of time.

2 months ago

yes yes yes & yes. imagine - if we approached each new film as his first. we'd shit ourselves. no one makes films this way, or has the ability. awe in the "transitional" or transitory is what matters. thank you. killed it

2 months ago

Just like Malik's films this vid says nothing.

2 months ago

Tree of life is one of my favorite movies, behind inglorious bastards, bladerunner 2049, interstellar, momento, and hostiles. LSOO and Thomas you make me want to watch every movie because of their meaning and their beauty. I am definitely watching Knight of cups when I get the chance. You guys are great channals, please don't stop doing what your doing!

2 months ago

Great breakdown of the most recent trilogy. I love Malick's style and you helped relate to the past 3 films are so similar. Do you know of any other directors that make films in this narrative format?

3 months ago

The Tree of Life is in my opinion one of the best movies ever. I have to say that even though I enjoyed Song to Song and Knight of Cups aesthetic, I have found them very boring. I don't think this was due to the lack of a plot in the traditional sense, I think it is just all too dramatic, the characters take themselves way too seriously to even look real. Great video by the way.

3 months ago

Bravo. Your analysis of Malick's work ends up feeling like a Malick work. It's interesting that he uses multiple cinematographers but the camera movements end up feeling similar.

4 months ago

Beautiful mate.

4 months ago

cinematic syntax in other words.

4 months ago

emmanuel lubezky Best director photograpy

5 months ago

There are films. And then there is the Malick universe that manifests in films.
For some reason which you manage to capture here the most poetic way his work creates a deep comfort.
Your essay is just brilliant! In all levels.

5 months ago