CHEER CHALLENGE 2 w/ Grace, Hannah, & Tyler!

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Published: 1 year ago
Go check out all our other videos on my peeps' channels!
Grace's react to Ty Ty vid...
Tyler's watermelon extravaganza:
Hannah's taste test extreme:


Gettin' my friends drunk:
Never miss a video y'all:
These are hilarious:

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comment  Comments

4:28 had me DYING 😂

2 weeks ago

This group never fails to make me laugh

1 month ago

Tyler lowkey seems more comfortable in a dress than Hannah

1 month ago

What were you all doinggg for the whole 5 minutes tho lollll

4 months ago

The cat in the back is being judgey.

6 months ago

That was too funny!!!

7 months ago

Grace Janice Janice

8 months ago

Janice's Britney was EVERYTHING 💖💖💯💯💯

9 months ago

1. Nono😂
2. Hannah
3. Tyler

Also omg Tyler yasssss kween slay...I mean...Janice😂

9 months ago

well that definitely CHEERED me up.
thank you.

11 months ago

Is this the dying-channel collab challenge or something?

1 year ago

The new season of Rupaul's Drag Race looks amazing.

1 year ago

I would like 12 more of these

1 year ago

Janice is the best

1 year ago

Grace all the way

1 year ago

Tyler is just reading poetry like uhhh should we snap?

1 year ago

That Janice bitch is killing it!

1 year ago

beans was shook at 4:07

1 year ago

Yassss Janet!

1 year ago

Can't wait till this comes back again

1 year ago