ASMR | Tippy-Taps and Rambling ~ & Redecorated Room!

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Published: 2 months ago
New art YAAAAY! You can go to and use code GIBI25 for 25% off your order until the end of Monday — but code GIBI will get you a discount always too!
Displate is really freakin sweet — my favorite way so far to hang art. They use magnets so it’s never crooked — you can switch out your art super easily, and it doesn’t ruin your wall :’) AND they plant TEN!!!!! Trees every Displate you buy! 😭

I’m working on getting my own Gibi themed art ❤️ lmk if you have any favorite artists that I should hit up to work with!

Enjoy the video :) it’s a super chill one; I had a lot of fun filming it :3

timestamps below!

0:00 - Displate
Throughout Video - Whispering
3:40 - Candle Tapping & Lighting
4:45 - Hair Brush Tapping
9:45 - Stone Coaster Tapping
13:10 - Shaking Sounds & Plastic Container Tapping
18:40 - Glass Tapping
20:00 - Sticker Sounds
21:45 - Cardboard Scratching & Tapping
29:00 - Cork & Jar Tapping
33:20 - Stone Coaster Tapping Part 2

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Damn! This is one of Bart Baker’s favourite videos! Way to go, Gibi! 💕

2 hours ago

bruh im not even in middle school i swear on god but these fools aLWASY be talking bout sum gucci bruh . im not even in middle school i swear bruh

3 days ago

Every single candle I have in my house is woodwick. I love the way they sound and even the way the fire flashes off the wick.

1 week ago

4:11 when the wood wick candle

1 week ago

you talk to much

2 weeks ago

you are so entertaining

3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

I melted with that intro

3 weeks ago

Absolutely no one:

Gibi: the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid the lid

4 weeks ago

Gibi’s feet must be 😛😍

1 month ago

Am I the only person who is really annoyed by that candle sound the whole video?

1 month ago

That was probably my favorite opening to any video ever

1 month ago

oof I'm gonna watch some hard core asmr

Add comes on


Shits my self

1 month ago

Anyone else find the sound of the storm oddly satisfying? ⛈

1 month ago

Who else wants her to make a full video in a British accent

1 month ago

It's so satisfying how background blurres when you come in focus👀

1 month ago

The unintelligible whispering turned me into a vegetable🤤

1 month ago

Uh can u do a vid where u tap but dont talk

1 month ago

oh and btw im on my dads computor so im his daughter

1 month ago

this gave me the chills who agrees

1 month ago