First Start In Many Years | Cold Start After Years | Even A Time Can't Kill Old Cars

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Published: 1 year ago
This video is about old, rusty and abandoned trucks, cars and tanks. If you wanna see some rusty and abandoned trucks, cars and tanks watch this video and if you like the video hit the like button.

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World War II Studebaker, first start in 40 years,
1959 Hayes first start in 10 years,
1971 Terex 82-40 Dozer first Start in 20 years,
Ferguson TEF 20 first start in 30 years,
1928 Model AR Tudor first start in 30 years,
Ford F500 First start up after 26 year,
Model T Ford Starts after 60+ years,
ISU-152 first start up after many years
1928 Buick Country Club Coupe 1st Start in 50 Years.

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those two guys sure know how to burn up a massy fugason starter

4 hours ago

This is amazing. I make vintage car videos thus know a few things about old cars. This is pretty impressive

10 hours ago

I don't even know why I'm watching this video. 🤔

16 hours ago

😂 the smooker truck ..euro emision standard very very love

1 day ago

Those old fergies! When I moved in to this house there was one sitting half buried out the back. My brother and I got it going and I used it for 5 years until the clutch went, and then sold it to a collector for £500

2 days ago

Tem q respeitar o motor de arranque do Trator kkkkk n sei como não queimou 5:00

3 days ago

The tank was a trip. It's amazing that these engines run so decent after sitting all that time. To hear the 1928 Buick start and not really clatter and run solidly on all cylinders is amazing. That last truck still has a lot of miles left in it.

5 days ago

Even a SINGULAR time cant stop these cars

1 week ago

Да в России каждая вторая машина такая

1 week ago

Sponsored by Pollution

1 week ago

Los gringos encienden vehículos que si bien son interesantes , no están a la altura de los Rusos que encienden un tanque jaja

2 weeks ago

0:41 só isso já fez um buraco na camada de ozônio

2 weeks ago

@ 4:50 What is that man doing with a ribbon in his hair??! 🤦‍♂️

2 weeks ago

On the one hand, people with the skills of these guys are the ones you want to have around when society crumbles. and I 100% support bringing old beasties back to life instead of leaving them to rot in fields. but is anyone else cringing thinking about the damage being done to bearing surfaces, cylinder walls, camshafts, all metal on metal surfaces by running them without a proper tear down and rebuild? or is that just me?

2 weeks ago

Tem que fazer uma pequena fogueira embaixo do motor para pre aquecer. You have to make a small bonfire under the engine to preheat.
Watch and learn.

2 weeks ago

Old boy:
Starts his car after it sitting for 60+ years.

Struggles to fire up a 15 y.o. car after one week sitting on my drive, calls AA.

2 weeks ago

+Daniel Mulomba
Well said.

2 weeks ago

Kris that’s cause old cause we’re made to last these days cars are weak

2 weeks ago

Bakvashehe itna Purana to statar or aremicharqnahibigda

2 weeks ago

Where's the moss covered car?

2 weeks ago

I propose that under EACH proposed video on youtube, theres also a thumbs up/down display next to the total numbers of display.

3 weeks ago

it's true ?

3 weeks ago