Is Your Life Average?

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Published: 2 years ago
From birth to death, these are the average ages at which every major milestone happens in your life.

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Get it Eugene

7 hours ago

this literally made me cry, my mom just came into my room and asked me why i was crying

9 hours ago

3:25 first grandchild at 47 - 52 my mums about 53 and im 13 and her son....

9 hours ago

Y’all Eugene from the try guys knows how to dance...

9 hours ago

at point NEVER I stopped beliving in Santa Clause
at age 6 I lost my first tooth (ok)
at age 13 I lost my virginity (im 13)
at age 13 I started to drink (never got drunk)
at age nto yet I have been kissed by someone I love
at age 13 I am dating (online and without my parents knowing)
Is this Average?

10 hours ago

Get married 27-29
I think one of my relatives got married at 9

13 hours ago

There are 4 children in my main family( parents and siblings)
There are 16 in my full main family( mum's siblings' kids dad's siblings' kids)

13 hours ago

Well, I'm not average

13 hours ago

OMG who didnt know eugene could dance🤯😱😊😊😊😊😍

15 hours ago

If this is the average life then I am in the below average life

17 hours ago

Was Eugene the star of buzzfeed?

22 hours ago

my parents are 49 and im 12 they will not be getting granchildren any time soon

1 day ago

time getting drunk at 13? I’m not even close to average then

1 day ago

Guess my life isn’t average 😂

1 day ago

Eugene can dance???

1 day ago

My age gap between me and my brother is 8 years 😂 I never had a imaginary friend, I learned how to read and write at 3, my first lose tooth was a 8 , I never gotten drunk or high, my first kiss was at 13, i never fell in love lol, my first relationship was when I was 12 I’m right now 16 and I already have a abnormal life 😂

1 day ago

Why does the midlife crisis scene make me laugh

1 day ago

This is probably the most in accurate video I have ever seen.

1 day ago

nah my life is still average

1 day ago


1 day ago