Jim Yosef - Link [NCS Release]

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Published: 1 year ago
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[Jim Yosef]
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Song: Jim Yosef - Link [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Watch: https://youtu.be/9iHM6X6uUH8
Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/LinkYO

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Jim Yosef bringing back those awesome Saturday vibes! 👍

1 year ago


3 weeks ago

ncs good

1 month ago

Fez eu chorar

2 months ago

I love this sounds

2 months ago

You music

3 months ago

nice video NoCopyrightSounds

44 minutes ago

Wie is hier via GamerYoran2?

1 hour ago

Perfect music!😂

2 hours ago

Fan of username?

4 hours ago

Subscribe to me :)

5 hours ago


6 hours ago


11 hours ago

perfect good job

14 hours ago

2019 anyone?

21 hours ago

Keep up the good work Jim Yosef👌👌.

21 hours ago


21 hours ago

Jim Yosed loved it there is no need of saying hope u loved it .....just say love it

22 hours ago

Mom Says: What The Fu** Are You Watching?
Me: A Orange Circle That Makes Me Happy ;-)

1 day ago

0:47 👍👍👍👍👍 ❗❗❗❗

1 day ago


1 day ago

Wer das liest

Hab ein schönen Tag❤️🤟

1 day ago

What a good song😎😎 #ncsisthebest

1 day ago


1 day ago


1 day ago

Awful melodies

1 day ago

{Please Copy and Paste this comment to other NCS videos}

For some people who are new here or they don't know what the meaning of the circles are

Yellow - House (Progressive House, Bass House, Tropical House, etc)

Blue - Dubstep (Sometimes Brostep)

Light Blue - Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep (Ultra Rare)

Mint - Glitch Hop (Ultimately rare)

Green - Trap (Often Future Bass)

Purple - Future House (Sometimes Future Bounce) or Future Bass (Rare) or Deep House (Ultra rare)

Red - Drumstep (Rare)

Pink - Drum and Bass

Orange - Indie Dance (Rare)

White - Hardstyle, Future Bass, Electronic, Miscellaneous Genre (Hardstyle is rare)

Black - Miscellaneous Genre with Dark Atmosphere

Caution : NCS sometimes misslables the circles. Jim Yosef - Canary is Future Bass but its color is Yellow, for example.

Mint circle will not be used anymore because Glitch Hop nowadays is using White circle. Mint circle is so hardly used (Only three times until now). Also NCS needs to have new color of the circle for Future Bass


1 day ago

무협지 브금 ㅋㅋㅋ

1 day ago

why do i feel like it's similar with fade..

2 days ago


2 days ago


2 days ago

Hehehe remember that time you with that special amazing girl!yeah i know

2 days ago

I like music is very good and has good rhythm

2 days ago

muy buena

2 days ago

무협지 그. 브금!

2 days ago

Awesome dude!!

3 days ago

'그' 브금

3 days ago


3 days ago

Like si veniste por los zens

3 days ago


3 days ago

Schnitzel Pizza süssigkeiten Döner

4 days ago

I prefer "Link" than "Linked"

4 days ago

awesome drop !!

4 days ago


4 days ago

유튜브 무협지 영상 댓글에서 말하는 "그 브금"의 정체

4 days ago

Song give back my old memories

4 days ago

무협지의 그 브금 시작 0:00

4 days ago

Love to this song.

4 days ago

This is the best song EVER

4 days ago