Echosmith - Future Me [Official Music Video]

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Published: 1 year ago
Echosmith - Future Me [Official Music Video]
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Future Me is all about what I would tell my future self and deciding ahead of time the kind of person I want to be. It was so important to us to portray that in the music video for this song, and the best way to do that was to have our actual family members in it!!! Each family member represents an older or younger version of me, Sydney, and the interactions shown between all of the different "Sydney's" are so beautiful, showing that there is wisdom in every stage of life. We got to fly our Grandma Peggy out from Buffalo, NY and although this was her first music video, she totally nailed it. In between scenes, she would give me a piece of candy to keep me going, haha. (Why didn't I think of having candy on set earlier?! Thanks Grandma.) We also had our mom, Linda in it. Pretty much in every shot we did, we couldn't stop laughing. My favorite part of us together was when we hugged and you can just feel how much I love my momma :) We got so lucky that my cousin actually looks SO much like what I did when I was younger, so we flew Laci out from Kansas to be in the video! We pretty much just talked the whole time and it was just so crazy to see how much she reminded me of myself (except for the fact that she's amazing at basketball). The best part of the video is the fact that we, as a family, got so much time together. It's not every day that you see the people you love, and this video made that possible AND told a great story. I hope you enjoy...

1 year ago

well its easy to say that to me but why do you think just cuz some one is within the realm of your family or in a relationship that they love you i mean im not putting any oen down yet yoru putting me down so that kind of proves my point that your carrying bad energy to say it to me you see me as the enemy and people you know as your friend so maybe one day you will understand what im saying . i never really realized my brother was against me until now and it was so obvious the way he spoke to me and mistreated me im sure you dont have that problem say watever you want to i dont care it dont mean your right is all im saying .

2 months ago

Andrew Trucker wtf ur messed up. Go see a doctor

2 months ago

your family members cannot represent you in past or in future its not you your past is your past and in many cases you should be studying narcissism and psychic vampires to see if you are burdened by any one in your family or not in it doing that to you it is a great thing to study to free your soul i like learning from
teal swan as well as others

2 months ago

Echosmith i love you!!!!

3 months ago

Echosmith I love you! My family has found so much happiness through your music and videos! You are an inspiration.

4 months ago

They are so good and so pretty (she) ;)

5 days ago

this lyrics hit me so hard

6 days ago

It's so cool how we live in a moment in which who we are is constantly being defined. When you think of time, past or future, we are defining it only in the very moment we are living. Right now! Right now in the blink of an eye you can make a choice to completely redefine who you are. This song captures it so well, cheers to right now! :)

1 week ago

Greeting from Ukraine, guys. Another perfect song! Thanks for doing this for us.

P.S. Please, try not to get deep in using more and more electronic sounds. Drums, guitars and crystal-clear voice should always be the basis of your songs!

2 weeks ago

Aye I live near that park TC

2 weeks ago

2019 anyone?

4 weeks ago

my friend told me that this song reminded her of me and so I listen to this song and got teary

1 month ago

you can be a lot nicer ask me what im referring to or why instead of using an idiom on me to see a doctor the bench i refer to is in new brunswick in nj nothing to do with this bench and my pain is that i was introduced and dumped on the same bench i am aloud to express my self o na free platform dont need negative remarks since nothing was directed directly at you but if you wish i am prepared to do battle as you wish moon sign in Aries ready wen you are

1 month ago

@Echosmith Y’all are so amazing! I love this band so much!

1 month ago

We're going to sing it this graduation day hehe

1 month ago

ok so maybe im not clear the park bench thing is what triggered my crazy spell i met a girl and wen i seen her in nj she made me wait for her outside on a park bench cus she was at her parents house so the whole parent park bench thing triggered it no need for a doctor im not with that person any more . maybe you should think be fore you react so harshly towards me ! im allowed to react to things and then she met some clown and dumped me on the same bench 3 years later , basically it was a paint ful time being treated that way i once broke my foot and she could care less literally broke my foot on thanks giving day i was at her house she was on the phone with the clown 10 years after she was calling me trying to get me back in her life and thats why im freaking out cus i dont want to go near that bench ever again

1 month ago

Like a bird without a song
Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling
Tell me baby where did I go wrong
… I could put my arms around every boy I see
But they'd only remind me of you
I went to the doctor and guess what he told me?
Guess what he told me?
He said truckeryou better try to have fun
No matter what you do, but he's a fool

1 month ago

no mucho me gusta su musica pero su carita de angel hizo que escuchara todas sus canciones <3

2 months ago

Wow this song is so amazing and meaningful and Sydney you have a beautiful voice.

2 months ago

Best part 2:06 - 2:25 soooo lit !

2 months ago

My love to you is true my babe,
It came into me not long ago;
When l saw your white beauty face,
You was sitting in the orchard and rose to go.

The love gave me strength for living,
And you came in my life, like an Angel;
I am able to see you and holding,
In my heart, like prayer with the ringing bell.

I want to pray for you my darling,
And send to you my mercyful blessing;
I want you have the life with the Sun shining,
And you have the dwelling near the ocean waving. ♡

2 months ago

2019 anyone? 1:36

2 months ago

First time i listened to this. Awesome.

2 months ago

I love you my pretty butterfly

2 months ago