Echoes in The Place Beyond The Pines: How Derek Cianfrance Communicates Themes

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Published: 2 years ago
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How Derek Cianfrance uses visual echoes to communicate the themes of The Place Beyond the Pines.

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The film feels poorly made and unfocused upon first viewing...but you have a need to watch it again. Then you realize why. It is haunting. Amazing.

1 week ago

i think a different actor for ryan goslings would’ve been better

1 week ago

Such an amazing film. Thank you.

2 weeks ago

This is one of my favourites.

4 weeks ago


1 month ago

that was amazing.

2 months ago

I criminally misunderstood these delicately beautiful themes in the movie. Thank you for sharing this, my appreciation for this movie is even more now. #ENNL

2 months ago


2 months ago

My man, this video is great. “You’re calling him back!”

2 months ago

I watched this movie on youtube at about one in the morning, never heard of it and I knew nothing about it but I knew Gosling and that was enough to get me to get me to check it out. Didn't sleep that night, never really planned to, but the next day there was this inescapable feeling hanging over me and this movie just wouldn't leave my head. Beautifully understated and unique and just all around gorgeous, and this video finally helped me figure out at least one of the components as to why it had such a profound impact on me

3 months ago

Your voice is so soothing. It goes with the extraordinary music ❤️❤️

5 months ago

Jeez I got chills when you said.
“To the place beyond the pines”

5 months ago

This is one of the best movies, and a fantastic analysis.

6 months ago

Holy shit Cianfrance is a fucking genius. What an underrated movie.

6 months ago

Sanchedctity or however you spell the town in this movie's name is Mohawk for "beyond the pines." this could add another layer

7 months ago

Definitely 1 of the most underrated movies of this decade

7 months ago

You forgot to mention Luke and his son eating apples and that his mother mentions that he likes apples too

8 months ago

Haven't seen this movie since it released but it was fantastic. Your content makes me want to watch it again. Also I highly recommend the Broken Circle Breakdown(2012) if you haven't seen it yet. Another emotional rollercoaster of a film

9 months ago

Ooh, I've heard of that one but I've never watched it. I'll check it out!

9 months ago

I hate this damn movie... its too real... hits home.....

9 months ago

Absolutely brilliant essay. This film is way too underrated.

9 months ago