How America became a superpower

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Published: 2 years ago
America grew from a colony to a superpower in 200 years.

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2:07 Correction: Cuba seceded from the US in 1902.

With over 800 military bases around the globe, the US is easily the most powerful nation on earth. But it wasn't always this way. The US once played an insignificant role in global affairs. In this 8-minute video, you can see the transformation.

Military budget data:

US foreign bases based on David Vine's book, "Base Nation"

Troop numbers: "Total Military Personnel and Dependent End Strength By Service, Regional Area, and Country". Defense Manpower Data Center. November 7, 2016. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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6 months ago

+michael cooper No the US controls Israel

4 days ago

+Rose BPOS Wrong. Trump is surrounded by people who want to make Israel #1

4 days ago

+CurrentlyOffline Israel controls USA

4 days ago

@Vox Because Israel wants this

4 days ago

3 words : World War Two

2 hours ago

This does not explain why America is so strong and powerful

8 hours ago

Thabks for the apush review

16 hours ago

1:14 Ends up importing inferior races and turned major cities into ghettos.. and cities that look like 3rd world countries. But “equality is our strength”

17 hours ago

0:10 really ?!

22 hours ago

What a load of bullshit
“AmErIcA sPrEaDs dEmOcRaCy, aMeRiCa wAnTs PeAce” yeah right, bullshit.

23 hours ago

i like how most of these comments are dicking on america for being a tyrant nation, yet we’re the ones who brought the closest thing history has thing to world peace to this day and age

23 hours ago

Greatest country on earth, the U.S!

1 day ago

YESSSSSS FOR HIM 2020 ===========>

1 day ago

I asked my father how could we beat up or even catch the US... He said we can't cuz they have Google the Internet and Microsoft so basically if all Europe includes Russia face the USA they us could easily with a click of a botton denying them from sending messages to each others or even orders to their missles... At first I couldn't believe it but then he told me the only way the USA will start to collapse is Donald trump... The USA main rule is try as much as possible to fake caress the world between her arms so they don't try and get out from her rule and although they invented the mind stealing theory witch is brilliant and since that racist says American is for the Americans that will deny her from foreign scientists who the USA used to use to help her fight even their own countries by giving them the materials and the money and the nationality

1 day ago

Afghani are rebles or terrorists u confused us?😂😂😂😂😂😂

Liars 😂

1 day ago

While I do want us to focus on our own affairs and let other countries resolve their own issues, I also don't want to risk seeing another world war

1 day ago

U cant .. it is a must so they can terrorize u and make u easily controlled

And rob ur money 😎

1 day ago

0:38 it was not a friggin slaughter, quit calling it that, it was a series of wars that took about 400 freaking years in total, they were not powerless, some were, there were massacres, but as a whole it was a series of wars, not mention it didnt even really officially end for the Seminoles, who to this day never officially surrendered, and we are still kissing their asses to this day

1 day ago

...this message brought to you by the council on foreign relations.

1 day ago

Yeah that's why our country (Philippines) fall apart. They colonized us and also they allied with rebels and yellowtards here because our President Marcos is a threat to all of them. Marcos is so smart, so rich, do you know when he speech at the White House , he has no script to read.

1 day ago

Soup power or super power?

1 day ago

American watchers: +25 self esteem

2 days ago

I just noticed something.

In the 18th century, the world is dominated by Europe with its empires. In the 20th century, the USA rose to become a world power.

By the 21st century, most Asian countries are rising up, especially China (maybe India as well). I think the 21st century will be dominated by Asia.

Still there's no denying that the US is still a world power. But it's just crippled by the internal politics.

2 days ago

Are you sssuuuurrrreeeeeeeeee

2 days ago