The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series Is the Ultimate Mercedes Supercar

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Published: 7 months ago

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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series is an impressive supercar -- and it's now worth around $500,000. Today I'm reviewing the SLS Black Series to show you why the SLS AMG Black Series is so valuable and so cool.

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Doug, the type of guy who teaches you how to steal cars

6 minutes ago

my former boss had one of those... one day he was in hurry, and had to jump into out post office and forgot about putting in N or P and the car started rolling into one of our walls at work and cracked a lil bit of the front... felt so bad for the car... PepeHands

3 hours ago

I don't care how powerful, fast, full of features or great handling that car has... It's BUTT UGLY and should have been scrapped at the factory floor.

4 hours ago

max cool option is for safe gasoline, my ford have that

15 hours ago

Doug is the type of guy who can claim best channel in YouTube top 100

17 hours ago

Its quick :)

1 day ago

1:03 I came...

1 day ago

this is fake, it's clearly yellow

1 day ago

Doug the type of guy to get joy out of fingering his car

2 days ago

Sorry I hate these. Definitely better looking than a Viper but I hate those also

3 days ago

Love that "max cool" part

3 days ago

Doug the type of overrated guy

3 days ago

Max cool

4 days ago

Only 600 hp?? What the heck.the 89,000 Dodge demon has 804 hp

4 days ago

It also weighs 4200pds and the sls weighs around 3500. The sls also knows how to turn at speed around a corner lol

3 days ago

😂🤣 lmoa your really cocky but i like it.

5 days ago

Actually they made 150 final editions they made more black series

6 days ago

Doug the type of guy to be frankly

1 week ago

How come you didn't talk about the side vents?

1 week ago

Doug is the type of guy who wears crocs while driving a super car.

1 week ago

i need this

1 week ago