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Published: 1 year ago
Race is uncomfortable for me to talk about, and I often have the impulse to, like, stay in my lane, to just amplify voices that are more credible than mine as a white man who knows nothing about racism except for the times when I discover my own bias.

But I have been encouraged by Black friends and Black Nerdfighters to talk more about this stuff because, like, I'm an American too. Watching the situation in Charlottesville unfold was a horror, and it's been terribly present in my mind ever since. America has a shameful history, but we also have a history of progress, and that continues now as we fight against a new wave of hate that has found new life.

I also want to be clear that having racist thoughts does not make you a Nazi. We all have bias, we all have fear, and sometimes we even have hate. It's what we do with those things that matters. Do we give in to irrational bias...or do we work hard to keep the hate from creeping in.

Here are some other great and important things I've read this week:
Rhett McLaughlin - Thoughts on Confederate Statues from a Southern White Male:

What white parents can do for black parents right now -

This thing about "white pride"

White Americans Have to Make a Choice

Secret Project - email already went out, you can read it here:

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It is possible the black teachers could have been less good, because racial discrimination may have caused them to be less educated. I wouldn't be surprised if your mother wasn't thinking about it from that angle, though.

1 week ago


3 months ago

Hank Green, I think we need to change that mentality. If everyone thought that getting to the moon would not be achieved in their lifetime in 1969 then we would still be thinking about getting to the moon. If we want this struggle to be finished then we have to assume that in can be finished by 2070. We have all the tools we need to end this and many other problems in out lifetime but we need to BELIEVE that we can solve our problems.

5 months ago

I agree with you here Hank 100%. I would safely say I have my own advantages here though they're not what you might think. Looking into my family's history, there's demonstrable racial diversity. Yes, I know my skin colour is white, there's a significant amount of middle eastern, asian and implicitly a whole bunch of others I won't know until I get a DNA test done. I really can see in my own family that we've had a gift of this kind of thinking for 100s (if not 1000s) of years. I reckon that's why racism is so...I don't know how else to say it, weird to me. I really do wish I could communicate myself here to people better so I can do my part in making the world a better place, I'm certainly open to suggestion.

9 months ago

America, you great unfinished symphony...

10 months ago

There would be less racial tension if people could more easily live apart. Allowing for voluntary segregation would do so much for cooling the flames of racism.

11 months ago

nightflight83 The time of the most equalist form of wealth among races was during segregation then we started fighting to go into white shit for some reason...

8 months ago

1600 dislikes - wow almost 10% . Trump supporters trolling on this channel...shame.

11 months ago

"as a white man who knows nothing about racism..."
I get the feeling Hank has been been bullied for being pasty and white for his entire life, but because he thinks blacks are inferiour he needs to ignore every time a black or a latino denied him moral consideration on the colour of skin. Everyone has experienced racism at some point in their lives, if you think your skin colour makes you "exempt" you are as much as a racist as the people you are trying to change. He's as much a sexist considering he's established a history of letting women violate his VidCon Code of Conduct because he'd never let a woman be accountable for her actions.

11 months ago

Thanks for the video Hank. Race is a hard topic to broach, and I appreciate your willingness to speak on it.

1 year ago

Thank you for sharing topics and ideas with the world with grace and kindness. While not unbiased your videos help open my eyes to the world in a way that is not infused with anger but with inspiration to do good and change.
Thank you

1 year ago

I'm very sad. I used to like Hank and I can't believe he's gone completely unfactual SJW.

1 year ago

Weirdly, I've never thought about this before. But I grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis and went to school in the 90s/00s and I've never had a non-white teacher. It's not something that has ever been on my radar but now that it is, I wonder if my life would be different if I had more diverse teachers when I was growing up.

1 year ago

But I insist on the arrest and prosecution of bicycle thieves!

1 year ago

I wish they would teach an anthropology course in public schools at some point. Once you learn about the origins of humanity, it's hard not to see color as merely the result of where our ancestors lived. I'm white because my ancestors lived in the cold north and needed more vitamin D. Hence our skin became lighter over time. The concept of race doesn't actually exist because there is no distinction between humans of different colors. We are ALL related. Highly encourage anyone seeking more info on this to Google the Out of Africa Theory. It's really cool!
Props to Hank for an awesome video!

1 year ago

Hi Hank,
This is unrelated, and I don't know if you've mentioned it in any of your videos - I just heard about how Montana has been having a lot of extraordinary forest fires lately and it's been affecting a lot of homes and lives in the state.
I wanted to ask if you're okay and or if you could make a video mentioning it, if there's anyway to send help/donations to the people's who's lives have been devastated.
I don't know a lot about it, but I know the news has only covered stuff for hurricane harvey victims, and this may be something more people should know about ?

Thanks and good discussion this week :)

1 year ago

Hank, you claim that tribalism is innate for humans I am afraid is too vague to be said as a general fact. And if it were innate, perhaps it would only regard to actual tribes (hence the name), as opposed to a factor regarding how people of different skin colors treat each other in a democratic society devoid of violence (at least relative to what was experienced by humans for the majority of our history).

I live in Oregon, and here I go to church with, school with, the store with, are friends with and related to people of different skin color and I have never had an inclination to treat them differently, nor have I witnessed and any discrimination based on skin color. And in areas where there is discrimination, it could easily be correlated to a historical and political undertone. I just don't buy this innate prejudice based on skin color, but perhaps you are willing to better explain it for me in a scientifically methodic way.

1 year ago

When everybody has pride in their race, the problem will be solved.

1 year ago

"And also to Ashley Ford for kindly and thoughtfully reviewing this, which allowed me to lower my chances of being a total dope."

checks who Ashley Ford is

Ah, so you admit to being racist. Got it.

1 year ago

The trick is to keep expanding your tribe....

1 year ago

Nearly every fact stated in this video is in some kind of dispute. This decade is the first time in history where "whites" where even a single group. (Only a few see it this way.) This is also the first time in history that we have defined racism as something other then bigotry based on race. (Still only a few see it this way- but, it has become a prevailing opinion that you need some form of undefinable power in society to hold bigoted ideas towards others. Witch is crazy on the face of it, and precludes anyone from being racist towards whom ever the prophets of this prevailing opinion deem powerful. It's like someone wanted to weaponize terms like racist* to trow at political opponents/critics/dissidents. It means nothing anymore.)

1 year ago

I have to add. Like this reply. You made a good point about the law. Not kissing ass, just- right is right.

11 months ago

Segregation was unique to the US, as well as apartheid. It's ended as well if I am not mistaken.
On a side note: Why dose a court ruling/multiple/law determine matters of social cohesion, or ethnicity in your mind?
Yes they may have shared a water fountain, but the truth is always way more complicated then first vs second class citizens. Even in the absence of a single major demographic divide- people naturally form hierarchies. Cultural factors divide us in a powerful way. Then tag religion/politics/geography on top of that.. We are all wherry different. We have to respect that. Not make blanket statements about the social order of groups of people based on their skin-color, and the presence of a further displaced second-class citizen. It tells us nothing about what the members of such a group might individually think/feel/experience as the truth of such a matter.

11 months ago

Knut Karstensen they were all considered "White" during segregation. That was my point. The Jews (the European ones anyway), the Italians, the Irish, the Germans. All drinking from the whites only fountain. All going to the whites only public schools. All serving in whites only divisions in the military. I don't see how you could say that White wasn't a single group when multiple laws and court rulings defined it as such.

11 months ago

I could add that one of the worst instances of ethnic cleansing that have taken place in the modern world where perpetrated by what you call whites onto others you also call whites- Bosnia/Kosovo/Serbia ect.
History is ripe with group identity. The concept of "the evil white oppressor" is a new umbrella term. It was never reality.

11 months ago

Yeah.. No beating up of Jewish kids during segregation or anything. There where ofc no stigmas against Italians, Irish, or (god forbid) Germans that have ever been notable. Right?

The ethnic groups that are referred to as white people" today where NOT considered the same/a cohesive group not that long ago. No matter how sad a black and white photo you post.

11 months ago

I don't care about the color of just how you are as a person. And it so happens that many of the black kids at my act a certain way in that "stereotypically black way" and I just don't want to be around that. They act a certain way and it's just so rude and improper but there's other black people at my school that are very nice and there own and aren't that stereotype. And then they get upset when I don't want to hang out saying I'm racist when it's just because of how there are as a person

1 year ago

Nasa P It's the quotation marks for a reason. Many people label it as that. It's the stereotype for them. There's stereotypes for all races and genders and sometimes you meet people that match it to a T and you don't like it.

1 year ago

Random Gaming do you not realize that the problem is you? Just the fact that you label their behaviour as typically black shows you actually do care about colour.

1 year ago

Nelson Mandela was a murderer. He is the reason that white genocide is running rampant in South Africa

1 year ago


1 year ago

Where did you get that poster in the background???

1 year ago

Statistically speaking, black people commit the most racially aggravated crime in America against other races. In the year 2010 a survey was conducted through the national crime victimization Bureau of Justice statistics that found that Blacks had committed over 320,000 racially aggravated crimes against whites... whereas whites committed over 62,000 racially aggravated crimes against blacks. That number seems extremely disproportionate already but when you factor in population percentages it becomes even more disproportionate. Blacks are only 13% of the population but they are 5 times more like to commit a crime against whites than vice versa.

The survey also found that the numbers for black on Latino crimes were similar.

The problem with black racism in America is objectively worse than white America. The are VERY few actual racist white people in America and statistics show that indefinitely. Your video is just another feeble attempt at virtue signaling.

The only thing you're doing by making this video is enabling even more anti-white racism and keeping non-whites in a perpetual state of victim-hood.

1 year ago

SpeakShibboleth You're grasping at straws to try to validate your bogus claims.. You're either an absolute moron or you're deliberately being delusional so you don't have to accept truth.

AGAIN... I'll break this down for you once more since you're having the hardest time trying to comprehend.

The survey was conducted by taking statistics through the department of justice crime victimization database. They looked at crimes committed by every race. They looked at the race of victims of those crimes... they found that blacks on average committed 5 times the amount of crimes on other races as vice versa.

There was no phone survey. A phone survey is not going to give you those kinds of statistics.

However there was a phone survey conducted through Rasmussen poles. Where they asked people which race they thought was the most racist and the majority of America concluded that they thought blacks were the most racist. Even a good percentage of blacks even thought blacks were the most racist.

Now we can go in another circle again or you can just acknowledge the fact that black racism is a huge problem in America and idiots like you only make it worse...

Please just try to comprehend this fact because all these circles you're going in is making me dizzy.

11 months ago

Handsome Crash Bandicoot "these are statistics from convicted criminals". No, they're really not. The study you cited is a self reported study. They called households and asked questions about times when they felt victimized. Read it. The quote I gave is directly from that report.

11 months ago

SpeakShibboleth Again, you fucking moron.... these are statistics from convicted criminals... through a court of law... crimes committed by blacks against whites... which are FAR higher than crimes committed against blacks by whites.

I'll say it again.... black people commit 5 times the amount of crime against whites than vice versa. Despite being much smaller of a population size.

One more time? Black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime against other races....

I really don't understand why you're tying to make it sound like black racism and black crime against other races isn't bad big of a problem when it is clearly the biggest problem.

Again you're being outraged on behalf of other people so you can feel better about yourself.

And again... you and the idiot in this video are deflecting from a huge problem in America and only encouraging black people to feel like they're perpetual victims. People like you are a plague to progress. You idiots prolong the advancement and evolution of humanity.

11 months ago

Handsome Crash Bandicoot. Found it. From your source: "The NCVS is a self-report survey in which interviewed persons are asked about the number and characteristics of victimizations experienced during the prior 6 months.". Basically all this survey tells us is that White people think they are victims of racially motivated crimes at a rate 5x more than black people. Don't you think that actual reported crimes that were proven in court would be a better metric? For example, the FBI crime statistics. Also, when you use personal attacks in your comments, it makes you look immature. Let your argument stand on its own merits.

11 months ago

Please. It's not tolerance. It's acceptance.

People that are not 'like' me do not need to be tolerated. They need to be ACCEPTED. I tolerate spiders because the serve a purpose. However, I do not accept them in my home.

People are to be accepted, and valued, and respected simply by virtue of being on this planet.

1 year ago

Duuuuude..... it's horrifying that you think this way....

have you heard of the term "virtue signaling?"

1 year ago

one of my favorite vlogbrothers videos in a long time...thank u hank

1 year ago

This is a really really great video.

1 year ago

Hank:I don't want to discriminate based on race
Also Hank: I want to decide what books I read based on the author's race

Pick one you filthy racist white-cis capitalist pig. smh.
Also I know some white people who'll want to talk race. They're called white supremacists. They're all about race. Race, race, race, all the time even when it's completely irrelevant.

1 year ago