Tales of Donating Blood

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Published: 3 years ago
'I need to make a super short video!' (Makes a 4 minute long video)
Also be sure to stick around because I answer 2 questions/make a tutorial.

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Saying ambulance but showing firetruck

16 minutes ago

O negga

2 hours ago

How about 4 year

2 hours ago

5 years later

2 hours ago

I always donated blood because yay saving people, now I donate plasma twice a week. My fiance and his entire family are so weirded out about my willingness to get stabbed with a giant needle and have a pint or so of blood sucked out, filtered, and returned back to me. His mom especially has a fear of needles so if I tell them about my visit at all she gets a face that is similar to telling the grossest, goriest horror story ever.

3 hours ago

And if u are 4 yrs late then well ur 4 yrs

4 hours ago

I have O- and not allowed to donate

4 hours ago

It happened 4 years ago.

4 hours ago

0:50 look at his face tho his eyes

4 hours ago

Hey u doned to me

5 hours ago

Comment "figlet" if 👇watching in 2019

6 hours ago

Im watching 3 years later

7 hours ago

I can't donate blood because 1. I am 11 years old and 2. even if I could, I get IV's every 3 weeks.

7 hours ago

What about 3 years ago?

9 hours ago

Bouta week ago week ago...... wiggo wiggo

10 hours ago

4 years ago not 1

10 hours ago

Who’s been watching 3 years ago

11 hours ago

I’m watching this around 4 year ago

11 hours ago

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11 hours ago

4 years later

12 hours ago