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Published: 1 year ago
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HI SISTERS! Remember when the whole "Take her swimming on the first date" joke was trending? Yeah. Unfortunately, I do too. Today's video is testing out waterproof makeup where we put products that claim they are waterproof to the real test!! Inspired by Kathleen Lights, let's see if these products really can hold up, even if your date wants to take you swimming! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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Tobu - Hope [NCS RELEASE]

Michael Rusakov

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انا عربيه

23 hours ago

This video was made on my bday

1 day ago

Are there waterproof lenses?

3 days ago

Why didn't they let him enter the pool party??? He was 18 that time.

4 days ago

YOUR EYES ARE SO PRETTY 😫(>_<) (´Д`) ಥ_ಥ

4 days ago

Love it

6 days ago

Love you, James! If you see this, just know that the awful curveball you're going through is just like a slingshot. You need to be pulled back to be propelled forward. You are certainly destined for some incredible incredible destiny. Push through and I support you!!!

1 week ago

If you go to a funeral you may need this.

1 week ago

Wait wait wait wait wait....................
Did you say hi sisters this time?
Cause you normally say hey sisters
(-sorry if this sounds like hate but it’s not so sorry if I offended you
Cause normally I feel like I offend someone after saying something to someone-)

1 week ago

May 18 2019 anyone

1 week ago


1 week ago

Who’s watching in the endgame

1 week ago

2019?αfтєя тнαт тαтι тнιиg?

1 week ago

Sister forever ♾

1 week ago

Ohhhh he us really speaking a lot .... make me have a headache 🤕

1 week ago


1 week ago

Here during the fire like me?

1 week ago

James’s makeup looks better than anything I can do even when under water 😂

1 week ago

What the freak why you sead those words you’re better than that

1 week ago

11:00 me after looking at his subscriber count dropping faster than my life is falling apart

2 weeks ago

Zarja Telič Kovač it does look good.

1 day ago

You are good at makeup

2 weeks ago