Jeff Nichols' Image of The American South

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Published: 1 year ago
Writer and Director Jeff Nichols' portrayal of the American south is one of the most unique and authentic portrayals I've seen.
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Thank you very much for this video!

I love and treasure movies about American South, although it's very hard to find those that are about people and their relationships and have no (or close to none) violence and action.

My jewels are "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and "Loving". I will also add TV series "Rectify" and "Days of Heaven" to the list, but they go a bit away from muddy, wild South with the vibe where people live off the land.

If anyone can point me to movies or series set in the South that have no thriller/horror/action elements and revolve around drama and relationships between people - I'd really appreciate it!

2 months ago

What about Jeremy Saulinier?

3 months ago

What movie was that with Brad Pitt?

6 months ago

Thank you for shining a light on a filmmaker that deserves more recognition, similar to the voice he is giving to the people of his beloved region. I highly recommend Chloe Zhao’s South Dakota films “Songs My Brother Taught Me” and “The Rider” both about a forgotten American culture, lost, even beaten, but slowly picking themselves back up.

8 months ago

Your description of the South reminds me a lot of my childhood in rural Sweden. Although it's not the same there're similarities for sure.

9 months ago

Michael Mann City of Los Angeles

10 months ago

The rebel yell greets from hell!

1 year ago

1 year ago

Very insightful essay! Big fan of Nichols's work as well. The bit about his films being labeled "Southern Gothic" by some reminds me of what Flannery O'Connor wrote about that distinction (which she was not particularly fond of): "I have found that anything that comes out of the South is going to be called grotesque by the Northern reader, unless it is grotesque, in which case it is going to be called realistic."

1 year ago

I love this. I want to watch all of his films.

1 year ago

I really liked your video introduction to the work of Jeff Nichols, immediately looked up his filmography, wanting to watch every movie of his I can get my hands on. Your video makes it clear, that these are predominantly films about a men's South. Most of the short scenes you show overwhelmingly depict male characters, you yourself talk about the protagonists' problems as being those of men. But you also convey that these guys, and their lives' paths and struggles, are kept real in Nichols' movies, and that's a rare feat, not only concerning the American South. Too many male movie characters are mostly caricatures. Maybe entertaining to watch, but still unable to present us with men you could actually connect with, or care about. There are some great exceptions, sure, but they are just that, exceptions. And I must admit, the older I get, the more I'm looking for some substance in my movie sustenance. So, thanks.

1 year ago

Super video. I loved Mud but have never seen the others, although since watching this, they're now on order! I hope you don't mind - I recommended this video on Reddit (

1 year ago

Huge Jeff Nichols fan here! Loved this video. You've earned yourself a sub, my friend! As a filmmaker myself, I'm really inspired by Jeff Nichols. Like him at the start of his career, I'm a nobody with zero connections to the film industry, and all the stories I want to tell are set where a I grew up. I hope to be able to do for the rural Pacific Northwest what Nichols has done for the south. Seeing that he has had so much success is incredibly encouraging to me.

1 year ago

Hey thanks! Glad you enjoyed the video and best of luck with your endeavors. Send your films my way when you make them one day! I want to see them.

1 year ago

That picture in the thumbnail is my favorite scene in Mud. An amazing intro for Matthew Mcconaughey.

1 year ago

Outstanding essay.

1 year ago

Thank you!

1 year ago

What is this muisc in the background???

1 year ago

True Detective gives a good look at how Louisiana looks in parts. Season 1 I mean.

1 year ago

I'd like your thoughts on hell or high water and three billboards outside ebbing Missouri. There's a special way European directors look at American south and capture it such that it almost becomes a character in the film.

1 year ago

There's ongoing debate over the Southern culture of Ohio and whether a portion of it, through the Appalachian influence, can be considered the "South."

1 year ago

Thanks for this - Mud struck a chord with me and my father.  I grew up boating on the White River - he captured the White River bottoms (and the Mississippi) better than anyone every has.  I got it immediately.

1 year ago