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Published: 1 year ago
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I never realized the extent to which Netflix personalizes its service for each person. In this video I explain how they do, and explore the implications of highly extreme personalization.

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I'm a 21 years old girl and I share my Netflix account with my 9 years old brother, so, well he usually watches cartoons very early in the morning (before school) or on wednesday afternoon, while I usually watch tv shows or movies in the evening. So, as a result, I think Netflix is just completely lost regarding my account and my recommendations lmao

4 days ago

I rarely use Netflix because i have a hard time finding stuff i actually want to watch. I've only really watched stuff that i found by searching because i got a recomendation from elsewhere. 7/10 times i search, fail to find what i want and then i quit.

2 weeks ago

Great video! Very interesting, but please include a link to your sources in the description box. You mentioned and used a lot of information from this article by Ashok Chandrashekar, Fernando Amat, Justin Basilico and Tony Jebara:

1 month ago

came here from vox. it's sad how such a huge channel has been stealing content from everywhere. keep up the good work.

2 months ago

Could someone explain to me why my Netflix Original Thumbnails aren't as big as of others account's?

4 months ago

My profile changed the typical Friends promo poster to a muted photo of Monica wearing a raw turkey with shades. It looks eerie and dark to me. It's like Netflix thinks I'm a freak.

4 months ago

A lot of people complain that the selection for Netflix is bad, but the truth is all the great stuff on there is much harder to find. My netflix recommendations are particularly bad. I liked a few low-rated indie dramas and it destroyed my algorithm. I just get trash piles of low budget garbage films now.

4 months ago

Yeah, you really have to dig sometimes to find good stuff. I feel like there should be a page you can look at if you want to see a list that's unfiltered by recommendations. It's very good at recommending more stuff that's very similar to what you just watched, but it's not good at finding completely unrelated things you might like.

4 months ago

6:29 it already is and so is everything else it's online, and yet people who talk about illuminati are crazy. I'm not saying everything they say is 100 percent true but if you watch what they're paranoid it's exact shit like this. But we never learn and we're all stuck in this together ,enjoy watching this or listening to you're fucking music because I enjoy it just as much as you do and my life will never get any more better as I'm sitting here commenting this. I need a cigarette

5 months ago

Someone mentioned you in the comments of Vox's video on the dame topic; I'm glad they did!

5 months ago

I truly believe what you mentioned about personalized news is already happening... except everybody is doing it themselves.

5 months ago

I got a Netflix ad for this 😂😂

5 months ago

I wish atleast one row of netflix would be a general trending. They recommend the same shows and movies in every row, even if im looking for different genres.

5 months ago

Please watch vox newest video:
The explanation are very similar to yours, and they even use sampe example like the one from 1:52 about Good Will Hunting, they used it as explanation at 3:56 in theie video. Unless you're working with or give permission to them, then they had plagiarised your video.

5 months ago

The reason we both use that example is because it's one of the examples Netflix provides in their technical blog article about the thumbnail personalization. So it seems unlikely they actually plagiarized my video, and if they did, I don't own the facts about how Netflix works. So oh well. Thanks for mentioning it though. Vox should hire me, I could have broken this story for them 10 months ago.

5 months ago

Pretty sure I've thoroughly confused them with my picks. They seem to think I like faces... I don't. They gave me a thumbnail of Drew Barrymore with her thumbs... um... not pointing the right direction. Nearly made me ralph.

5 months ago

Lol Vox just copied this video

5 months ago

Vox just did a video covering this... 10 months after you. You are ahead of the curve, bro.

5 months ago


6 months ago

Pal, you are now under my subscriptions.

6 months ago

Welcome aboard!

6 months ago

Its not so much that its customized on your viewing habits as much as its complex algorithms
trick you into watching the shit Netflix wants you to watch. This is one reason hey left the 5 star
rating and went to a strait up thumbs up/down system.

10 months ago

This is what capitalism does

11 months ago