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Published: 2 months ago
Seriously, if you can't tell if something on the internet is fact or fiction, tag @MediaWise and use the hashtag → #IsThisLegit ←and they'll help you figure it out. Click here if you're interested in subscribing: http://bit.ly/Subscribe2SED
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Here's a great poster of the 3 Questions to ask yourself before you share something online:

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Hey guys... this stuff is pretty serious to me. I want to be able to accurately discern truth in all that I do, so the techniques that Katy taught me here were super helpful. I hope you are able to use them as well. MediaWise has been using the hashtag #IsThisLegit across all social media, so tag them on Insta or Twitter (Where a lot of misinformation happens) and they'll get a team to help you figure it out. Also, the upcoming series I'm doing on Algorithmic Manipulation is going to be a very hardcore look into the inner workings of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I hope you'll subscribe (http://bit.ly/Subscribe2SED ) and consider watching this 3 part series with me. I've never done a series like this, so I hope you find it to be as fascinating as I have while doing the research. Thank you very much for watching my internets. I'm grateful.

2 months ago

Metadata & hash values... at the core of chain-of-custody which makes digital data, such as photographs, admissible in a court of law under Daubert standards.

1 month ago

Science and fiction are only supporting facts and even they don't know what is real or not

1 month ago

Good content in a world of inaccurate information. I appreciate the hard work.

1 month ago

The both sides method was never valid, at all. The MSM is extremely pro-corporate, pro-war, and pro-wall street, and Fox has ran propaganda from the start, it was the purpose of Fox News even.

9 hours ago

I know this question is out of place, couldn’t find any other place to ask you, but here it is: as a science lover, what do you think of religion? I used to believe now I have encounter reality. But I would like to hear your opinion on it. By the way I love your videos they fascinate me, science fascinated me!!!

14 hours ago

Today I subscribed. I'm going to share this with everyone I know because only one person other than myself knows how to fact check and even I learnt stuff.

22 hours ago

propaganda machines in full swing , do a video on cloud chambers pls

22 hours ago

I loved this, thank you Destin!

1 day ago

Is this a joke? The largest study of Greenland ice was just released. It can be found in tons of scientific journals. The ice caps grew. Woodward and Bernstein did create fake sources and news. That is a widely know fact that you can easily find credible sources that verify it all over. So sad to see how liberals think - literally can't figure out the truth even after "doing research." It's video's like this that cause division in America because people who really care about the truth and put the work in to find it out, know that you can't trust someone that refuses to do the same. And just the arrogance of always pretending like they are right, when they literally don't bother to do real research makes it impossible to have relationship with someone like that. Very sad.

1 day ago

Only an idiot gets news from social media.

1 day ago

Too hard, too many steps. Its way more easier. 1. You check the source, not many people or organizations who built their reputation many years and fear to destroy it. 2. As soon as the source lies once you never believe it again, you never read it, not matter how big lie was.
Remember Claas Relotius story? CNN gave him "Journalist of the Year", hes got European Press Prize, Deutscher Reporterpreis. He work at Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, NZZ am Sonntag, Financial Times Deutschland, taz, Die Welt, SZ-Magazin, Die Weltwoche, Zeit Online и Reportagen.
So what do we have?
1. 10 sources where he worked who cant be trusted.
2. 3 sources who gave him awards, cant be trusted when they told you that someone is good journalist or when you decide about trusting someone you know need to ignore 3 of those journo prizes cause they can give them to anybody.
As I said - easy, simple logic. If half of the people do this we would saw changes in a few years.
But what do we have in real life? Lots of people already forgot about it and for them Der Spiegel and others, where this dude wrote at least around 60 articles, is trusted source of information. People want to be deceived, its way easier than think.

1 day ago

Uhh Just delete the news app?

1 day ago

What bothers me is, even if you find something to be untrue, it's still going to be propagated., and whoever posted it probably doesn't care.

In my experience, people hate being told what they posted is untrue. I've had people I've known for 25 years unfriend me for correcting their posts or memes, even when giving a full explanation and sources. People get upset when you tell them a photo is doctored, or not what what they were told it was. They don't want to admit they were duped. They believe what they want to believe. If a meme fits, post it.

I've seen posts propagate after correcting them with a lone comment. It's discouraging.

One tip if you're going to tell a friend they've been duped. Give them the "hey, it can happen to anyone" speech. Tell them you've been duped. People are embarrassed, sometimes too much to admit it. Knowing they aren't alone can help them accept it. I also think it helps them to not view you as the bad guy, if it's something they believe in. Give them some quick tips so they can spot fakes, and look for sources.

2 days ago

Why wouldn't you check the evidence before the author of the information. Even good authors misrepresent information and evidence so isn't checking the evidence slightly more important than the author?

2 days ago

oh the irony of using Google to fact-check online content manipulation. stop using google, use duckduckgo. uninstall chrome, download brave.

2 days ago

How can you know if something is really true? I don’t think you can. But you can gather evidence.

2 days ago

use Reddit, read comments.

2 days ago

Truth is not an absolute. Humans tend to believe the truth is what is most aligned with what our synapses have recorded over our lives. We seek online things that match what our brains have already recorded. 7 centuries ago the truth was the earth is flat. Today the majority accept that it is not flat, but there is still a substantial population that believe it is not( a lot of people call them crackpots). Personally, until I go around the earth and see it for myself, I believe I don’t really know for sure (absolutely). I’m and Engineer also. I tend to believe what I can measure or see myself, but ci also have experienced times when my eyes have lied to me. What I do know is that it is easier for me to believe things that align with what my brain has already observed. I could decide to trust someone (journalist,Facebook employees) to tell me what the truth is, but then that truth is only what aligns with what their brains have recorded. They are not necessarily malicious, they believe, but that doesn’t make it true. The video basically defines truth as what most people believe after employees of a few companies decide to let our brains record.

3 days ago

Don't worry guys, just ask Media Wise... they'll tell us what's true or not. No bias, they promise.

3 days ago

Amazing. Thanks.

3 days ago

Smug public relations gurus are engineering your opinion. Deception confers an advantage. Humans are no exception. Those that make the decisions behind the scenes benefit from the chaos they create. Keeping you confused and fighting with your neighbour keeps them safe.

3 days ago

Everybody has to see this.
Everything in this video is so well made! You have 100% of my attention and it's still interesting after watching it two or three times.
The example is perfect. There is nothing really bad about this fake, but it's still fake.
So with this example I realised how important it is, no matter what topic, to deattach your feelings and to keep looking at the source always with the same point of view.
No wishy washy. Just the truth. Lovely

3 days ago