Boston Marathon 2017 epic 42k finish!

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Published: 2 years ago
Boston Marathon 2017

Watch this 67 years old winner of the 2013 World Masters Championship in Porto Alegre Brazil, Mario Vargas (my father) helping this struggling woman to cross the finish line!

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0:29 como cuando estás joven te sientes morir de cansancio y luego pasa un viejito muy tranquilo. Y te dice ,ábrete a la ver.....

4 days ago

Надеюсь она им вечером дала за этот поступок ?

2 months ago

She forgot her gels or what? Im pretty sure shes experienced if you qualify for Boston unless she is a charity runner

4 months ago

Vergonzoso, por querer ser finisher la vida es lo primero. No llegar a meta así joer. Y los médicos penosos.

10 months ago

What heros, heros they are, helping out another runner like that.

11 months ago

Most of the "runners" don't even care. Selfish people.

1 year ago

ايش اللي جابرك

1 year ago

She was not yet ready to run 26 miles.

1 year ago

Given her time, she qualified for it, which means she's actually a badass marathoner and has likely run many marathons in preparation of even getting a qualifying time. Almost nobody actually qualifies their first time and youd have to be a crazy natural to even get it in your first couple. Most runners take years to get to that level.

What probably happened is she was pushing herself to get another qualifying time for the following year's Boston Marathon and it just wasn't her day, but she pushed herself too hard regardless.

What's really sad is she literally JUST missed the time (assuming she's under 35). 3:35 is the time for women under 35 and she'd have made it if the guy didn't put her down to symbolically walk across the finish line (that's how close she was to 3:35 lol). That is if the BAA doesnt disqualify you for not crossing entirely under your own power.

8 months ago

If you look at the time, she's clearly a high level runner who just had a bad day.

10 months ago

L Martinez ready for 26, not the extra .2 lol

1 year ago

I love the sportsmanship, but I hope she didn't get a medal as she unfortunately didn't cross the finish line under her own power. Maybe I don't know the whole story, but the look on her face at the end reads disappointed..... I hope she has the opportunity to return as she clearly worked her butt off to earn the right to toe the line!!!

2 years ago

Further, the runner #2093 is a 65 year old Chilean, collapsed with heat exhaustion, and again the fireman came to his assistance.

2 years ago

Runner #8618... a fireman from Omagh, Co Tyrone

2 years ago

I wonder if they would help a color guy?

2 years ago

Hahahaha keep wondering dude. And stop being such a racist

1 year ago

Stop race baiting.

1 year ago

+head louse top level meme bro, I'm proud of you

1 year ago

Have you ever been to a marathon??????

2 years ago

true sportsmanship​. that's the endurance community!

2 years ago