Deji - Ungrateful (Diss Track) Reaction!

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Published: 9 months ago
Deji is a huge troll.. This diss track was not as good as his first, but was pretty funny!

Thanks for watching!

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That was outlet rap lol he mad asf i can't even call it

8 months ago

So fucking Garbage xD no flow what so ever. Absolutely trash bars. Constant lies, using an Eminem line from 8 mile. Also, he's so fucking cringe xD

9 months ago

YuhNinja how do u know his lying

9 months ago

LOOOL I didn't want to say it!!!!!

9 months ago

it isn't the end yet so

9 months ago

Flow is dead

9 months ago

Yeah, I just had to laugh

9 months ago

This one is pretty shit lol

9 months ago


9 months ago

Yh Deji's last diss was alot better

9 months ago
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