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Published: 3 years ago
Former basketball player Jay Williams isn't playing when it comes to financial responsibility. That's why he's teamed up with Visions Federal Credit Union to promote smart money management in all the communities it serves.

A current ESPN basketball analyst, entrepreneur and speaker, Jay will tell you life is unscripted and making responsible choices is essential. It's a message he spreads through his financial literacy program, which targets urban and blue-collar communities.

Jay became an instant millionaire when he signed with the Chicago Bulls, but his career was cut short following a motorcycle accident. Jay never played pro ball again, a crushing blow to him mentally and financially.

But, thanks to his prudent planning, Jay was able to seed an entirely new career as a broadcast personality and businessman.

He chronicles his inspiring story in his upcoming book "Life Is Not an Accident," which recently earned him an interview with Oprah.

A former national champion with Duke University and top NBA draft pick in 2002, Jay might be writing a different story today. However, the story is still one of success due in large part to sound financial decisions.

Jay founded the JW Group, which handles projects including consulting, corporate training, event management and motivational speaking.

His charitable interests include advocacy for organ donations and raising awareness for the PKD Foundation, which supports research and education related to polycystic kidney disease.

Like Jay, Visions puts a high priority on financial literacy and community service, making this partnership a huge win for our markets in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


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Great speech. I coman tell Jay Will speaks from the heart 🙏🏽❤

8 months ago

Kid with the book in the front is taking notes. And is the only one who actually responded. Guarantee hes going to get some where in life.

1 year ago

Good stuff but Plainfield Nj is not 15 min from newark. More like 35. Plainfield is hood tho. Facts

1 year ago

nothing but respect

1 year ago

Only 16 likes

2 years ago


2 years ago