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Published: 1 year ago
The metric system is a universal way to measure many different things. This international system of units, or metric system, defined meters for length, grams for weight, and litres for volume as its basic units.

The metric systems is not just limited to weights and measurements, it also includes seconds for timing, amperes to measure electrical currents, and Kelvin for temperature.

The video is a contextualized and translated version (suitable for Indian audiences) of the original Simpleshow foundation video (linked below). The original license allows the use of this video under CC-BY-NC domain of creative commons community.

Hindi Script: Ranu Gupta

Voiceover: Gopesh Kaushik

Editor (Script and Video): Ankit Gupta

LIL website:

Simpleshow foundation Video:

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2 months ago

SI units या मैट्रिक सिस्टम विफल रहा,क्योकि अभी आम जनता अभी भी इंच,फुट में कार्य करती है ये सिस्टम जनता में विफल रहा क्योंकि सृष्टि में एक सिस्टम पहले से है ये सब और इनका उत्तर amazon. in पर पुस्तक all nature'moves,with natural units में पढ़े एक क्रांतिकारी मापक खोज

4 months ago

Metrix system ki power

4 months ago

Thanku sir

5 months ago

Iperiaal system?

5 months ago


1 year ago

Helpful :)

1 year ago