Jay Williams' Injured Leg: Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO Sports)

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Published: 5 years ago
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Jay Williams gives Jon Frankel an up-close look at the leg he severely injured in a motorcycle accident 10 years ago.

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A good guy.

5 months ago

Someone in the back getting a fade?

6 months ago

if you gonna be dumb you gotta be tough...

3 years ago

<3 you Jay.  Enjoyed watching you in college and sympathize with your pain, frustrations, and the realization that it was "over."

One of my bball friends in high school did a summer basketball camp with you (this was probably around 01' or 02)--he said he got to guard you one-on-one and that you were "unbelievably fast," and had one of the sickest crosses he had ever seen.  He said you palmed the ball for a split second, and then crossed over really fast.

More to life than basketball however, and I know how hard it is to form a new identity that doesn't solely revolve around basketball, but you look like you're doing well.

take care man, wish you the best : ) 

4 years ago

Typical dumb negro, contract clearly states no motorcycle riding, yet he went ahead and did it. He deserved it, actually he deserved more than that, he should've been crippled

5 years ago

Logan Hurry The Bulls didn't have to pay him a dime, and I'm pretty sure they still paid him even though he was in violation and they didn't have to.

10 months ago

Logan Hurry You really stereotyping and acting big on the internet. LMAO

1 year ago

Logan Hurry you mad cause you sit at home all day mad asf

2 years ago

you getting maaaaad

3 years ago

He is a person outside of sports

3 years ago

Why diss Jay Williams?  He's an intelligent, articulate guy.  & he's still an intelligent, articulate guy & still has millions of dollars from playing pro basketball.  So, he didn't throw it all away.  

5 years ago

He threw it all away...

4 years ago

He's a Homosexual... And a idiot

5 years ago

Tommy Bunz Just like you #Lambon

10 months ago

Jay Williams had it all, and threw it away because of his choice to ride a motorcycle then he snitches and blasts his teammates.

5 years ago

Keyser Smokey Shut Up! #Lambon

10 months ago