1969 Chevrolet Camaro Restomod Project - Insane Build of the Inferno Camaro

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Published: 1 year ago
Roadster Shop built this 1969 Camaro they call “Inferno”—a project three years in the making.

The Inferno packs a 6.2-liter LT1 V8 built by Texas Speed & Performance, driving 680 horsepower to the rear wheels through a Tremec T56 Magnum transmission. Since all production applications of the LT1 use electric power steering, the Roadster Shop had to engineer its own serpentine-drive system to mount a KRD power-steering pump. Chevrolet provided a computer model of the engine that the Roadster Shop used to design their system.

The windshield and custom backlight were flush-mounted and the driprails were shaved to highlight the concept-car look. Custom acrylic was also used to create Inferno’s signature taillights. They use machined acrylic lenses, billet-aluminum bezels, and a 3-D printed backing that houses LED boards.

Supplied with a scan of the brake calipers, Greening Auto Company designed the two-piece billet wheels to fit the car. The fronts are 19×9 inches and wear 265/30/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports and the rear are 20×12 inches and are fitted with 335/30/20 Michelins.

The Fast Track suspension uses Penske double-adjustable coilovers and 14-inch Baer brake rotors on each corner. A Woodward Racing rack-and-pinion, optional with the Fast Track chassis, was selected.

A custom interior was fabricated by Avant-Garde Design in Palm City, Florida, and uses CNC-machined panels that are held into the car with powerful magnets. When it’s time to hit the track, the leather and suede upholstered panels can be removed in a matter of minutes.

Three-inch exhaust and Borla mufflers end at machined tips in a custom valence.

Built by:
Roadster Shop
28775 N. Rte 83
Mundelein, IL 60060

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-This video was made in collaboration with Roadster Shop.


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Beautiful. You at home can own this car for the low cost of 6 fingers, 1 kidney, 3/4 of your liver and one small child...child has to have previous knowledge of sheet metal fabrication and be a master tig welder.

1 year ago

soooo awesome, until a Nissan GTR pulls up along side and the fantasy is over. Seen so many of these restomods that have the look but cant get the power connected to the road to get moving and always get smoked just spinning their tires swerving all over the road like some goofy redneck.

1 week ago

Engine matters more than other customisation or modifications.

1 month ago

I don't like the car.

1 month ago

That car is well worth it

2 months ago

Beautiful ride! Did they make another video of them thrashing the shit out of it or was this a concept car?

3 months ago

It looks bland at the front but the rest is crazy cool. Even as a Mustang fanboy, I like this. Well done.

5 hours ago

So I need one of these in my life how much does it cost and who said money can't buy you happiness I just saw this and knew that I need this in my life

16 hours ago

I wonder if malaysian has roadster shop to..it will be the best of life ever..but costum car can't fighting with the law..

22 hours ago

Damn I'm chocked.
I'm jealous.
I'm dying.
Authentic & Original beauty.
Those guys make a customs far than a concepts...

That's let me just staring speechless...

Resurrection Shop.
I add customs heaven.
Real Damn' heaven.
Di only place when you finda hottest rides ever...


4 days ago

Goddammmmm it doesn’t even look real, it’s so beautiful.

6 days ago

Oh my good!!!!

1 week ago

That is so mind blowing! Can you even call that a restomod?
Can you call it a Custom? The designer has got to be the best I've ever seen. He's like a mad scientist and who in the heck is paying for these cars. I can't imagine how much all that costs. This blows everything I've seen right out of the water.
Man, if I ever have hundreds of thousands to burn, I'm heading straight for this garage.

1 week ago

This car is amazing... it has so many little details that stand out on it. Plus, it also has a little bit of a firebird trans am look to it, with the ducktail spoiler and the heat vents on the side, which looks really nice and also somewhat pays tribute to a car which shared the same platform as it and died unfairly due to pontiac shutting down in 2008.

1 week ago

Wow classic American is love, beauty
Very nice
Thank you very much for the video

1 week ago

I want this as a Hot Wheels toy

2 weeks ago

does anyone think this looks like Redlines transam 20k?

3 weeks ago

thats cleannnnnnnnn

3 weeks ago

This is more than perfect I’m lost for words great work fellas.i need to win the lottery.

3 weeks ago

Hasta parece de fábrica 2020

3 weeks ago

can i get a link to the music used in the video?

4 weeks ago

Only slide show

4 weeks ago

This car is so perfect it almost doesn't look real.

1 month ago

where is the place

1 month ago

Whoever bought that is definitely a man of class above the rest...imagine a person that chosen an art over prestige of brand...
This is what a wet dream should looked like.

1 month ago