TASTE BUDS ft. Tyler, Grace, Mamrie!!

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Published: 1 year ago
Check me out on TV every Monday at 10/9c! Only on Food Network. ;*

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This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!


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The Ranch idea is great. Cannot wait for that video

2 days ago

that shrimp sauce moment tho

4 days ago

Tyler out here representing the midwest with his love of ranch 😂

1 week ago


4 weeks ago

Hannah to Mamrie when she says she hates mustard: Hate's not an allergy.
Hannah at the end when Mame suggests Hannah partake in the Ranch Taste Buds: I hate ranch.
I'm a little disappointed NO ONE said, "Hate's not an allergy" to Hannah

1 month ago

Just mustard..i wanted more

1 month ago

So...wheres the ranch tasting?

1 month ago

This would be a good video without hannah and tyler.

2 months ago

I want ‘Hate is not an allergy’ on a shirt SO BAD

2 months ago


3 months ago

Can we pls get that ranch taste buds

3 months ago

Mamrie is the wittiest human

4 months ago


5 months ago

2:32 watch it know

5 months ago


7 months ago

... Honey isn't vegan

8 months ago

A bunch of 30 year olds trying mustard and making money off us... Compelling...

9 months ago

I liked, I subscribed, yet I wait for the ranch Taste Buds...

9 months ago

I cant believe that like a whole year later the ranch tasting actually happened on This Might Get

9 months ago

Wait, her hair is so different in the video versus the end card for the food network show!

9 months ago