4 The 2000's by Todrick Hall

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Published: 1 year ago
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Hey Millennials! This one’s for you! Some of the best hits from the early 2000’s! Tell me what you think!

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No, I don't want to go out with you this evening.

2 hours ago

Can you do an 80s cover from only black artists???? I love you so damn much

6 hours ago

Baylage and snatched in my feelings!

11 hours ago

I've now officially found my new favorite video ( I watched this 15 times yesterday ;-; )

17 hours ago

Just looooove how talented you are Todrick

1 day ago

i'm thirteen and knew every single song
i'm so proud of myself

1 day ago

Im sorry but 2000 without Avril Lavigne??
Really dude?? 😦

1 day ago

How do your brain, bones and muscles cooperate to move in that fashion?!😱

2 days ago

More videos todrick hall plsss

2 days ago

Imma cover this then come back and tell you. Its gone be good. But obviously not you kinda good.

2 days ago

All I want is the “On Wednesday we wear P!nk” shirt

2 days ago

Omg this is chilling

2 days ago

Loved it they’re song from high school some of them I forgot about till now

2 days ago

Aaaah!! The white chick reference made me scream! :D

3 days ago

I don’t understand how someone can sound so heavenly when they sing

I just-


3 days ago

Yessss todrick 👌🏽😘

4 days ago

I was loving it till linkin park...then tears #ripchester

4 days ago

Not digging through 11k comments, but my favorite part was the White Chicks reference 🤣

5 days ago


5 days ago

He is very talented young man...entertainers should be well versatile...I had to go check out his work..

6 days ago