Will It Pancake? Taste Test

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Published: 3 years ago
Today we ask the age old question: Will It Pancake? GMM #889!
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No ketchyurup?

13 hours ago


1 day ago

Buddy Who’s in Jersey owes you one for the cereal idea

2 days ago

The bone maro (WTV) is very healthy. Tasty.

3 days ago

I think i will do the toothpaste thing

3 days ago

Now with chef Josh there he will make from the cereal a pancake. Not just mix it to the butter.

3 days ago

somebody call peta

3 days ago

The patty cake seemed good 😂😂😭

4 days ago

That time Rhett and Link forgot mints exist.

1 week ago

I brush my teeth then eat breakfast

1 week ago

I think that waffles are better than pancakes but that just my opinion

2 weeks ago

i am the greatest-
no i am the greatest-
no wait, we’re both great

2 weeks ago

Bone marrow by itself is delicious.

3 weeks ago

I have three pet male guinea pigs...

3 weeks ago

They are not them. I hope. This is an old chapter.

3 days ago

People eat bone marrow in some countries, including brazil. Maybe, not like that.

3 weeks ago

Soooooo tasty.

3 days ago

Man, people arguing about when you should brush your teeth in the morning. Just wake up, brush your teeth. Then have breakfast and brush your teeth again. Simple!

3 weeks ago

Maybe?!? WILL it or WON'T it????

3 weeks ago

Homosapiens used to eat bone marrow to survive

3 weeks ago

Bone marrow is really good if you season it well

3 weeks ago

What about "Will it waffle?"

3 weeks ago