Eminem - Rap God (Explicit)

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Published: 4 years ago
Download Eminem's 'MMLP2' Album on iTunes now:http://smarturl.it/MMLP2

Credits below
Video Director: Rich Lee
Video Producer: Justin Diener
Video Producer: Kathy Angstadt

Playlist Best of Eminem: https://goo.gl/AquNpo
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4:25 when I tell my mom that I can’t pause fortniye

51 seconds ago

2019 =)

5 minutes ago

I wish My Wi-Fi was fast as Eminem Rapping

24 minutes ago

day 1038 of no nut november and I feel like a rap god

34 minutes ago

Eminem rap is faster than my career progress

35 minutes ago

4:25 when you're on 1% and forgot to phone your mother 🤟

37 minutes ago

Eminem should diss bts

39 minutes ago


40 minutes ago

Anybody 2049 ?
I am from future !

48 minutes ago

Congrats for 34 million subs 😙😙

48 minutes ago

Believe me, this is easier to understand than a lot of electronic's songs

49 minutes ago


52 minutes ago

2:54 he plays Mario while rapping about Thor

55 minutes ago

What kicks does he have at 2:12

56 minutes ago

Eminem rap is faster than a cheetah running!

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

2018 november???????

1 hour ago

Marshal - makes you think

Eminem- makes you cry

Slim -makes you feel old

Rabbit- makes you laugh

1 hour ago

A some home A some home A some home wtf rubius omg

1 hour ago

Rap god rap God

1 hour ago

so fast there isn't even captions!

1 hour ago

999999999999× 999999999 is eminem's career lil pumps: 1+1

1 hour ago

The part you came for is 4:25

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Who here in 2018?

1 hour ago

When my teacher talks i act like she saying this

1 hour ago

Hes faster than my tv cable

1 hour ago

4:25 aaaa samamanamanagdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgdfgfdjhkjeunrnjklewuyeeggegigaaaahriuerehehirienwurewrheyeryerewiyreyrreyrueyruyeuryyeryeryihdhyfhdiyujeuehuyiewheyjhkuuuumusic

1 hour ago

(Captions are unavailable for this video)
I wonder why? 😂😂

1 hour ago

Faster than my pc...

1 hour ago