Is Thai Fried Chicken The Best In The World?

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Published: 1 week ago
Keith and Chris discover that friendship is magic, and so is green Thai fried chicken

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Chris Reinacher

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Vector swirl pattern (Chinese auspicious clouds) background textured
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Chicken Wings
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Chicken with luma matte
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The curtain on the stage. The animation is looped.
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Hat Yai night traffic, Songkhla Thailand
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Beautiful time-lapse, Floating market, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand
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Hat Yai city, Thailand
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fried chicken on green screen
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Thailand network map
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4K Crowded in Night market,Chinatown
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White Dove
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Burning Wood In The Fireplace
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Futuristic Satellite Image view of Bangkok
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14/04/2017 Songkla, Thailand - Miracle fog over Hat yai city at night
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Rabbit appearing in hat for magic trick
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comment  Comments

BY GOLLY, is easily the WHITEST thing you could ever say. lol

3 hours ago

He was throwing crazy shade lol

4 hours ago

Hey, 2:19-2:55 don't ever do that again. 👎
This episode made me NOT want to watch any more "chicken watch".

5 hours ago

My Tom yum wings are the best.... I'm not even thai

5 hours ago

By far the worst video I’ve seen from buzz feed

8 hours ago

They didn't mention where to get it

10 hours ago

Try Indonesian fried chicken "Ayam Kremes"

10 hours ago

I like all the Chicken Watch Videos #bygolly

12 hours ago

Yooooo! I really want an album with all these bars they spittin’.

15 hours ago

I'm kind of really over the rapping and singing...

15 hours ago

Quincy did not feel appreciated in this video. Disliked. Maybe Buzzfeed should learn to treat their guests better.

16 hours ago

One of the worst videos I've ever watch so far.
So disrespectful to the guest.
Better to put ur annoying ego down, Keith.

17 hours ago

Why were they so rude to Quincy?

19 hours ago

My stomach and face hurt from laughing at how awkward this is. It's great. I love chicken watch. <3

19 hours ago

7:03, Keith knows DE WAE

22 hours ago

damn annoying the hat yai song...

1 day ago

7:18 that face...

1 day ago

The Hat Yai song, SHOULD be on iTunes

1 day ago

that thai frag baited me here

1 day ago

I'm not sure about it being the best of the world but it's definitley my favorite kind of chicken.

1 day ago

Nice job spelling cilantro with an S instead of a C. u guys. Keep rappin..chick 4eva!!!

1 day ago

Loved the song about marinating chicken 😂😂

1 day ago

I freaking love Chicken Watch. The editing is amazing

1 day ago

I feel like those who don't understand the eccebtric creativity behind this project are not fully prepared for the fried chicken way of life.

1 day ago

They should give credit to Quincy in the description :(

1 day ago

At 2:45 it looks like its the final judgement day😂😂😂

1 day ago

Why are y'all so tall

1 day ago

The red milkshake is snakefruit, btw.

1 day ago

Frankenmuth, MI is a touristy German town with a reputation for its fried chicken. Zehnder's of Frankenmuth is the most popular but there are many others.

I really just want to see these two in lederhosen.

1 day ago

You spelled cilantro wrong lol. "silantro"

1 day ago
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