Watch Photographer Evacuate Mom and Dogs From Harvey's Devastating Flooding | National Geographic

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Published: 1 year ago
National Geographic photographer Erin Trieb evacuated her mom and dogs from Hurricane Harvey's devastating flooding in Houston, Texas, on August 27, 2017. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Erin was home in Texas when Harvey struck. She documented her journey to rescue her mom, retrieve her cameras, and check in on her sister's family and home.
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Click here to read "A Photographer Documents Her Own Battle with Harvey."

Watch Photographer Evacuate Mom and Dogs From Harvey's Devastating Flooding | National Geographic

National Geographic

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Looks like a ghost town

13 hours ago

I feel so bad for them

18 hours ago


1 day ago

Wish there's no crocs/gators down the water 💦

2 days ago

Very resourceful

3 days ago

2018 anyone

4 days ago

Your so brave stay safe

4 days ago

I am glad I live in Maryland. We rarely get hurricanes, never get tornadoes, and there aren't that many severe storms

4 days ago

That’s exactly what I would do if I was in the middle of a flood.

5 days ago

No offence the water is going to come in when ur garage door is open

6 days ago

I kind of see this as a zombie apocalypse because I had this one dream last night of a zombie apocalypse in every other state but one state had power and no zombies in the other state so there would be like guard towers surrounding one state because that's where the zombies would be, and if there were any survivors there it would be a disaster.

I honestly have no clue why a zombie apocalypse has anything to do with a hurricane but yeet.

1 week ago

It's coming for me next and I'm going to die😵😵😵😵

1 week ago

I was droning I live in Florida too

1 week ago

What is in the background 4:33....

2 weeks ago

You should always pack light and always have a survival kit ready to go.

3 weeks ago

Oh your poor mother...I sure hope she's better after the hurricane. Losing a house isn't fun at all and I know it's tough loose things you built for.

Many blessings from Florida.

4 weeks ago

ALL i gotta say is that you are a worrior and the whole time u stayed positive and had a smile on your face...

1 month ago

Jeez nobody know how to swim these day 😂😂I would be swimming

1 month ago

You are such an amazing person

1 month ago

I could not imagine having to look around my house knowing if I didn't save it then it would all be lost. Glad you all made it out safe, be strong.

1 month ago

Omg I saw my house

2 months ago

What is that was your life?

3 months ago

Hi if that happens again you can put a towel in front of the door or a sack full of sand it might help to keep the water out. No hate I’m not too sure

3 months ago

I salute you guys for not leaving those cutie pies

3 months ago

I'm in Alabama, so Panama City is close, Hurricane Alberto is affecting us and Georgia, so we might have floods tonight 😫😭 if I see high waters I will know what to do, GO IN THE FREAKING ATTIC

3 months ago

Shut the garage door!!

3 months ago

Is hard to watch this. Th is could happen to anybody.

3 months ago

I was so scared I live just 2 hours away and my town was taking helicopters from Houston the town where I live just so people would not drown

3 months ago


3 months ago

God Bless you all through and after this horrific disaster! 🙏❤

3 months ago