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Published: 1 year ago
Cars are everywhere in the movies. Why are filmmakers so obsessed with automobiles?
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// Movies Shown in the Video:
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
American Graffiti
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Darjeeling Limited
La La Land
Repo Man
Take Shelter
Jack Reacher
Baby Driver
John Wick
Everybody Wants Some
Hitman Agent 47
The Departed
Jaques Tati's Trafic
Little Miss Sunshine
The Fast and The Furious
Death Proof
Thelma & Louise
Mad Max 2 - The Road Warrior
The French Connection
The Wolf of Wall Street
Knight of Cups
2 Fast 2 Furious
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Big Lebowski
Taxi Driver
The Godfather
On The Waterfront
O Brother Where Art Thou?
Inside Llewyn Davis
Song to Song
To The Wonder
Midnight Special
Lady Bird
Blue Velvet
Darkest Hour
Straw Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Reservoir Dogs
Jurassic Park
Nocturnal Animals
The Meyerowitz Stories
The Place Beyond the Pines
Mullholland Drive
Fight Club
The Hitman's Bodyguard
Spielberg's Duel
The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo
Mad Max - Fury Road
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Falling Down
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 2049
Back To The Future
Herbie Goes to the Monte Carlo
The Blues Brothers
North By Northwest
Children of Men
Touch of Evil

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Even though I included almost 100 movies in this video, I know I missed some of the best car moments in cinema. What are your favorite scenes or films that I left out?

1 year ago

The Adolescence of Utena.

You could have gotten a lot out of that.

5 days ago

When you mentioned 'friends crammed into a car', I thought of Good Will Hunting. Also, in the end, their gift to Will is a car.

3 weeks ago

When you were talking about car crashes I was REALLY hoping you’d show Biff crash into the manure truck

2 months ago

Potato 8:35 lol

2 months ago

I was hoping to see Jim Carey and the smokey Studebaker from The Mask. Really great work man, a lot of interesting shots and thoughts.

2 months ago

Great job, Thomas.

3 days ago

What a cool idea for the video! Great editing too!

4 weeks ago

Taste of cherry has one of the most interesting use of a car that I remember.

1 month ago

"Cinema is the technological sibling of the car. Born of the same era, neither knows of a time without the other."

Really great line

2 months ago

The automobile is a direct indication of loss of individualism.

2 months ago

what movie is it at 6:26?

2 months ago

God Damn man, this was fucking great. I'm in a filmmaking class right now, and I have to write a surrealist narrative for my next project, and I have chosen to write about cars, specifically the driving experience. There's a lot of similarities in this video to what I already have in my script as well as some themes I can add. Good job dude

2 months ago

No batmobile?

2 months ago

It is interesting, I thought I was the only person who noticed the cars in film as descriptor in the movie. It is funny when I see a cat that seems incongruent to what is going on, I can easily get stuck in “why?”

2 months ago

this usa based car centrism is so boring

2 months ago

holy shit this channel is good

2 months ago

I love you Video essays. The contents are in depth and the editing is great. Keep it up!

2 months ago

American Gigolo.

3 months ago

Cuarón's Roma was probably released after this video was made, otherwise it undoubtedly would have made it into the video. It has many great car scenes, especially the first one, where the parking of a car is filmed with a sanctity like it's some great spaceship landing.

4 months ago

Ha, a car ! Big deal ! Even the grandmas drive a car. Queen for example ! :-D

4 months ago

you had me at "Ronin"

4 months ago

What song is at 8:20?

6 months ago

found out ?

2 weeks ago

now how do we make uber cinematic

8 months ago

A car is a reflection of self. We even name them, for crying out loud!

8 months ago