Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn't)

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Published: 3 years ago
Are computer generated visual effects really ruining movies?

We believe that the reason we think all CG looks bad, is because we only see "bad” CG. Fantastic, beautiful, and wonderfully executed CG is everywhere - you just don't know it. Truly great visual effects serve story and character – and in doing so are, by their very definition, invisible.

Written and Narrated by Freddie Wong
Edited by Joey Scoma
Assistant Editor - Joshan Smith

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Thank You for this video! This topic has been on My mind too a lot lately and Young summed that Up perfectly :)

5 hours ago

Not bad

8 hours ago

Well I don't mind bad CGI ( except ultra bad CGI ). I just enjoy story.

15 hours ago

Dang really good points made

16 hours ago

This actually was really frickin great. Well done man, and thanks.

16 hours ago

Marvel does the best cg... In ironman 3 rdj was fully cgi for half the movie

18 hours ago

CG ruined movies? I feel like CG was the third great film revolution, next to sound, and color....

21 hours ago

I was under the impression that you always needed the green screen when doing CG.

23 hours ago

It's may 2019. Have you seen terminator 6 trailer?

23 hours ago

I half agree with this. Some of your examples of good cg i think looks bad. All the iron man stuff, avengers stuff looks pretty bad to me.

1 day ago

CGI sucks and so does tho video. But times change. In the US I feel most people that pretty
Much are just good for fogging the mirror are obsessed and ok with cgi. Not sure why.

1 day ago

Practical Effects will always be better than CGI no matter how good CGI looks.

1 day ago

not always

23 hours ago

What was that insect/alien kind of movie?? 3:48

1 day ago

cg is for a playstation game,not movies.today movies are crap with cg

1 day ago

+ATTRACTIONS FUEGOS ARTIFICIALES 'real filmmakers use film'

This is called gatekeeping

Real filmmakers do not use just film
Real filmmakers make movies that people enjoy without listening to those that decide to spew bullshit such as 'cg is not for movies'

Tron for instance, was phenominal, but I'm sure you, with your clear opinion, would disagree, all because 'CG bag, film good'

Perhaps you should instead accept that others like movies done differently, and not write something off as bad just because you yourself do not enjoy it

1 day ago

+Raistlin Chesko wrong,watch behind scenes of both film first before talk about movies.nolan use 35mm and 70mm film like a any professional director´s and use a just one o two cg scenes..anyone can shot in digital but real filmmakers use film

1 day ago

+ATTRACTIONS FUEGOS ARTIFICIALES In the dark knight, there was numerous buildings and extras added in most scenes

And well...half of every scene in all the lord of the rings movies were CG

Face the facts, you're just a hypocrite

1 day ago

+Raistlin Chesko yes but was shot in 35mm and imax 70mm film,cg are in few scenes,today everything is made in digital and look bad and unreal.the dark knight have just one o two scenes with cg.

1 day ago

+ATTRACTIONS FUEGOS ARTIFICIALES lord of the rings and the dark night both had CG

1 day ago

To be honest certain films that use CGI like Avatar, are great. But have always loved anamatronics WAY MORE THAN CGI. Jurassic Park is one of the better examples of using anamatronics.

1 day ago

T2 and Jurassic park are the best examples of good cg

1 day ago

2:22 OOH SHIIT... A RAT!!!!!

1 day ago

Practical effects are always better because they are real objects. People can interact with them

1 day ago

CGI Sucks. There ain't enough time to make it look good.

1 day ago

I think the problem is the amount of cgi that is used now.

2 days ago