Emotional reunion for two special brothers

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Published: 6 years ago
Meyers Leonard was taken in this year's NBA draft while his brother, Bailey, served two tours in Afghanistan. They had an emotional reunion when Bailey surprised Meyers last March. The video has gone viral. Both spoke with Rebecca Jarvis and Anthony Mason.

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2 days ago

Good blees las vegas nevada

3 weeks ago

Their mother must be so proud to raising such great young men's. I love how Bailey cares so much about Meyers.

1 month ago

Beautiful brothers with beautiful character

1 month ago

His father is the wyatt. What.sup

1 week ago

48 losers gave this a thumbs down

2 months ago

I come from the same town as this guy but I never knew he existed until they put his name on the welcoming sign outside of town. I never even heard of anybody with the Leonard last name. He's the most famous person that came out of this town sadly

5 months ago

You guys look so young....Robinson is very proud of you.

6 months ago

I love Myer’s reaction seeing his brother...”What the....!” PRICELESS!

7 months ago

Congrats I got emotional hearing this story!!

8 months ago

so sick of these vets showing up with cameras for manipulative "reunions"

10 months ago

I love this!! God Bless them :)

11 months ago

How ever disliked this video should leave our country

1 year ago


1 year ago

They can pass for twins. Good job mom

1 year ago

Why is his ear so big

1 year ago


1 year ago

I cried. Better than any film.

1 year ago

does anyone know the piano song playing when both brothers see each other?

1 year ago

I don't have a soul I don't cry about anything

1 year ago

Delightful and inspiring moment ever!

1 year ago