Canada's Hot New Prime Minister: The Daily Show

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Published: 3 years ago
Canada elects handsome Liberal Party candidate Justin Trudeau as prime minister, ending Stephen Harper's nine-year reign.

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How can this clip be 4 years old when Trevor's only 2??

2 weeks ago

Justin is a political DADDY

4 weeks ago

Justin Trudeau is so damn hot & smart

1 month ago

God he’s pretty. Trudeau doesn’t look too bad either.

3 months ago

That Canadian criticism is just brutal! LMAO.

3 months ago

I prefer the Harper man version on Drake.

3 months ago

Trevor is cute and intelligent not forgetting that he’s hilariously funny

3 months ago


6 months ago

Since "Afraid of the Dark" on Netflix, Trevor Noah was on my 'keep an eye out for' list. Sure enough, he takes the enormous responsibility of The Daily Show replacing Master Patrick Stewart!... I mean Jon Stewart! Yeah.... like on the back of a $20 bill.... Engage Mr. Noah!

8 months ago

And 1 day Trevor Noah would dare to mention Sanders on TV . Trevor Noah @ working for corporate “media” . Did you Ever laughed with Noah ?

8 months ago

Justin, socialist sissy...

9 months ago

i think Saudi Arabia prince is hotter than him

9 months ago

2:20 😂😂😂

9 months ago

1:18. the Liberal Party is nothing like the usa democrat party. by most reasonable measures, the usa democrat party is pretty far to the right. they might be considered left in usa, but not on earth. and the Liberal Party is pretty centrist.

10 months ago

I was so excited when he won but he is awful

11 months ago

He is a leftist dolt who is destroying Canada.

1 year ago

Looking back... Drake really did fuck us over on those dance moves tho...

1 year ago

He is smoking hot!💕 Can we trade the orange for the sexy?

1 year ago

How i like my morning looking at my favorite tv show💬

1 year ago

I can't stop laughing.

1 year ago