First Take Crew Gets Into Heated Dispute On Durant Declining White House Invite | First Take | ESPN

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Published: 1 year ago
The First Take crew, including Stephen A. Smith, Will Cain and Max Kellerman, get into a heated dispute on Kevin Durant declining an invitation to the White House.

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comment  Comments

Whose take do you side with on this debate?

1 year ago

+Malik Mandingo yea it gets me into alot of trouble as well,

3 days ago

+David Trogdon well my boy... I've been duped by autocorrect

3 days ago

+Malik Mandingo a cloen learn to spell its clown and you are too 😉

3 days ago

+David Trogdon boy you a cloen

3 days ago

I'm on will cains side hands down ,Steven is a blow hard and max dont have a clue

3 days ago

Molly just said “stop interrupting”😂😂WHAAAAT

56 minutes ago

“The super educated will cain” stephen a smith is a legend 🤣🤣🤣

6 hours ago

I always love how heated will cain and stephen a can get and then one moment they are good..max on the other hand always has a hard time calming down, being the white spokesman for all minorities an all...

14 hours ago

I take neither of these know nothing idiots side on sports. How do guys like this have job commenting on sports like they re experts! Its hilariou but they know next to nothing and act like experts. I find it interesting. Is anyone sitting around thinking about sports subject dieing to know they re opinion. I hope not

16 hours ago

If you want to know what type of stuff will Cain is referencing to. Just look up how Max talks about Tiger. And I’m not talking about his golf game. Max acting ignorant to what he’s talking about.

18 hours ago

Will Was Fina Cry 😂

19 hours ago

I can’t stand Will Cain

20 hours ago

Will is abt to lose his job. ESPN is too liberal to tolerate his truth

20 hours ago

Cole Ritts 1) he didn’t lose his job
2) this is far from the truth
3) he gets invited on the show all the time

15 hours ago

holy shit what is happening?

20 hours ago

Will is a piece of shit

1 day ago

Will Mccain a low key racist

1 day ago

Will Cain is a snow flake when it comes to trump he knows African Americans hate the fact that will not go to the white house after what he has said about them. If any of them dosen't want to go than that's their choice. Plus on the other hand will would go gleefully to see trump in the white house.

1 day ago

I'm LMAO ESPN does right every time

1 day ago

They pay him to sound like a donkey

1 day ago

Yawwwwnn. Maga white man throwing a hissy fit that the black man won’t listen.

1 day ago

Kick his ass, Max!!!

1 day ago

Max is a MORON

1 day ago

Cain got bullied until submission typical mob mentality the end.

2 days ago

Maga Trump 2020

2 days ago