Holding Long and Cutting Short: 2 Brilliant Moments in Editing

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Published: 2 years ago
This weeks list is a close up look at a pair of brilliant editing moments. One from the film Ida, a cut lingers for what seems like an eternity, the other from No Country For Old Men, where the edit cuts short to remarkable effect.

Let us know what you think about these 2 moments and also be sure to let us know if you have any other great moments of holding long or cutting short that we didn't mention.

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I literally OH SHITted in that Exorcist clip. I am in the office.

1 day ago

Cinefix neglects to mention the most important piece of character delineation in that shot from "Ida": Wanda is resolute. The manner in which she maneuvers in this scene, along with the action at the end of the scene, suggests that she made her decision in the previous scene and all that was left was the execution of it. This should turn the focus, in retrospect, on to the more minor actions: What is she smoking? What is she drinking? Why has she turned the music up? What is that music? Why did she put her coat on? All of these details combine to form a rich performance and, ultimately, a rich cinematic experience.

2 days ago

The over-insistent voiceover is unbearable to listen to.

4 days ago

0:12 movie name?

3 weeks ago

Law Abiding Citizen,, 3/4 of this movie will have you locked in saying "What The Hey"

4 weeks ago

Is it Lacrimosa in the background?

1 month ago

Chigurh looking at his shoe tip and walking off wasn't an uneventful shot. In an earlier scene, Chigurh is seen wiping off blood from the tip of his shoe after killing someone. It shows that he likes to keep his shoes clean. The audience who pay attention can connect the dots and come to a conclusion that the same thing happened inside the house.

1 month ago

My math teacher said that scene from no country for old men was stupid

1 month ago

All movies with long cuts, silence and/or rain give me a giant woody.

1 month ago

Honestly, I interpreted that first shot way different then what was explained.
I've never seen the movie, but pretty much the second she opened the window I guessed she was going to jump. So for me, instead of it being a moment of trying to figure out what was going on, followed by a big shock, it became this horrible, drawn-out moment of suspense, wondering if my assumption was correct and waiting to see if this terrible thing really was about to happen.

1 month ago

Hold on, was the open window not supposed to be obvious?

1 month ago

when it comes to No Country For Old Men. They dont show her being killed because it is irrelevant. Wether he let her live or killed her, she forced him to break his rule and ignore the coin. later, when two boys help him, he refuses to let them help him without paying the boys. he cant face the realisation that there are good people, let alone that anyone would turn down money and help someone for free. the last moments of the film is Anton's worldview crumbling, just like how the sheriffs worldview is crumbling in the opposite direction. anton and the sheriff are reflections of eachother, two old men, both facing the reality that the world is changing.

1 month ago

Hideaki Anno would like to know your location

1 month ago

S06E10 of Game of Thrones is by far one of the best episodes ever.

1 month ago

I see a still from no country for old men, I click

1 month ago

I think this guy is over-thinking some of this stuff. 🤔

1 month ago

i have watched no country for old men probably close to 70 times and i still dont understand the end!

2 months ago

David Lowery's "A Ghost Story" has so many anxiety-inducing long holds. It's amazing.

2 months ago

Probably the vide came out before it happened, but another Game of Thrones cut I will remember for decades is the scene of Samwell curing Ser Jorah. It's a disgusting yet incredible cut, brilliant.

2 months ago

who knows the name of the backround music in 00:30 plz ?

2 months ago