10 Movie Theories That Prove Popular Characters Are Actually Evil

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Published: 1 year ago
Could Kevin McCallister and the Jigsaw Killer REALLY be the same person?? 10 Movie Theories That Prove Popular Characters Are Actually Evil! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

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When watching a movie, characters can often be broken down into different character categories. This includes the hero, villain, and supporting role. But when movies are truly analyzed, it’s not as simple as it seems. Many viewers love to break down movie plots, figure out stories, and discover some crazy things that no one never realized.

For example, The Beast may have been tortured for a bad decision, but there is a lot more that made him a monster – including a son he never acknowledges. In the movie “Grease”, we follow the epic love story of Danny and Sandy, but what if Sandy was dead the whole time and Danny was the one that murdered her?! In the Lion King, we all know how evil Scar is, but a deleted song from the film dives deeper into his disturbed methods and ideas. In, Mrs. Doubtfire, it’s all very funny when Robin Williams dresses as an old nanny, but her evil motives showcase the true monster behind the mask. Kevin from Home Alone used a lot of creativity to create the traps for Marv and Harry, but he may have taken his moral punishments one step too far. On the Rugrats, Angelica may be one of the only living babies, creating a crazy paradox with thoughtless parents. Wizard of Oz seems like a fairly simple story that involves good witches and bad witches, but there are some monstrous secrets that Glinda the Good Witch may be hiding. Wall-E is a great futuristic story about human civilization, but what is real story about the humans looking for another food source as they await their future on space stations?! Peter Pan loves his life on Neverland, but it may be a little too much and have led him to murders on multiple occasions. Doc in Back to the Future is not just a kooky scientist. He’s a criminal, terrorist, and attempted murderer!

Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Martin Baena

The Beast's Secret Child | 0:30
Danny Drowned Sandy | 1:38
The Lion Pack Dishonors Nala | 2:39
Mrs. Doubtfire | 3:41
Kevin From Home Alone | 4:44
Angelica's Crazy Childhood | 5:46
Glinda The Good Witch | 6:47
Wall-E And The Cannibals | 7:43
Peter Pan The Murderer | 8:50
Doc From Back To The Future | 9:55

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I'm guessing Kaylee

3 days ago

The home alone one makes perfect sense and both movies fit together like a “ Jigsaw puzzle” lol.

2 months ago

actually that woman doc falls in love with actually died during the normal time line only because of his intervention and them falling in love that she had an descendent

2 months ago

Theory: everyone on Sesame Street is in a coma.

2 months ago

The Back to the Future theory is ALL WRONG. Clara, had fallen into the ravine that was named after her. And the event was in the midst of occurring when Doc saved her. So he actually saved her life.

3 months ago

Met movie theory is that mad Max is Immortal. If i remember correctly in one of the movies a character who is clearly older than max is doesn't remember the world before it went to crap but max does. That would make him older than the other character, yet he looks decades younger...

4 months ago

One of my favorites thats not on here is that snowpeircer is a sequel to willy wonka...if you watch rhino stew's video on it he makes so much sense of it all and if you havnt watched snowpeircer i highly recommend it

5 months ago

the Saw one wouldn't make sense, the kid from Home Alone is a child in that movie and Jigsaw is in his 70's but those movies take place only a few years apart

5 months ago

I thought Peter Pan was good at first I almost wrote Harry Potter

5 months ago

This is George every like is 1 day 👶🏻🧒🏻👨🏻👴🏻

5 months ago

The watch mojo of movies

5 months ago

Willy Wonka was pretty shitty too lmao he killed kids inside the chocolate factory & with his candy

5 months ago

None of these make sense. 👎

5 months ago

I'm pretty sure the wall e theory is way off

Since its the future they probably took all the food from earth and stored it on the ship . And. They can recycle food you know.

And everyone just assumed that since there were no kids means that they were eaten .
If they have preschool then they have school middle school and high school

The adults are most likely fat because they are getting no exercise because of robots doing everything for them and hover chairs. Apparently no one payed attention to that there is no food i n the stores and that the baby's are in school so the kids are in school as well and are also probably fat.

5 months ago

Peter Pan isn't a theory it's a fact

5 months ago

The wall-e one is matpats theory give him some credit

5 months ago

Beast would have had chip when he was eleven

6 months ago

The Home Alone One Made A Lot Of Sense!

6 months ago

Home Alone theory is very accurate...

6 months ago


Read more

6 months ago