The Best 30th Birthday Party EVER | Jackie Aina

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Published: 1 year ago
Hey guys! I wanted to share some of my 30th birthday with all of you. Part I of this vlog can be seen on my vlog channel

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday the best one to date!! And a special thank you to BoxyCharm for the gift bags and Sugar Bear Hair for the Photobooth! xo

Kente Gown: LaviebyCK
Floral wall:

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Best 30th Birthday EVERRRR

1 year ago

Girl I'm trynna get my channel Poppin so u can know me and I can get invited to the next one ! 😂😂 lemme get my ish together

3 months ago

Happy birthday my dear. We have the same bday !!!!

4 months ago

It’s the only one you gon have! Jk love you aunty!💕

11 months ago

Jackie Aina gorgeous! I'm signing the petition for you two to be in the next Black Panther movie

1 year ago

You looks so beautiful 😍

5 days ago

To all the people who don't know...what the guy is wearing is also kente..
Kente is originated from West Africa specifically Ghana by the Ashanti and Ewe tribe....
Ps I'm an Ewe... So proud!!!

3 weeks ago

Everyone looks so flawless. How is that possible or fair 🤔. I find that when I try the most i fail the hardest

4 weeks ago

Yes Africa! ✊🏾

4 weeks ago

Ahh Jackie is 30😲😲 and here I was thinking she cannot be older than 27.

1 month ago

All those haters thumbing down this wonderful video

1 month ago

this was fire

1 month ago

Jackie you’re hilarious 🤣🤣🤣😂

Happy Birthday Jackie🌺🌺 What an entrance for a queen 👑🎊🎉
Everything and everybody looked very nice.🌸
So much 💚🧡 in that room...💞

1 month ago

I'm so here for that entrance!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

1 month ago

I wish we could hear the drums and the beats while they dance.

1 month ago

Thank you Jackie for the nail plug...

1 month ago

Count on a Leo to make a special entrance as nice at their party. 😂😂

1 month ago

I can't believe your in your 30's what so ever! You look like you barely passed 24 years. Black don't crack 💪🏾💪🏾👊🏾

1 month ago

"What kind of town home meeting is this?" 😆 idk why this got me.
Also, can we just appreciate the beautiful black excellence at that party. ❤❤✊🏾✊🏾

2 months ago

WAIT!?!? Who ended up paying???

2 months ago

where are you originally from ?

2 months ago

That entrance tho 😍😍😍😍

2 months ago

You and the boyf are gorgeous -so cute together! <3 it!! Happy Birthday girl!!!

2 months ago

This was a joy to watch

2 months ago