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Published: 7 years ago
Get A Head Full Of Dreams now:
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Any 2018?

10 hours ago

I love this song 😄

11 hours ago


12 hours ago

Es un himno en mi vida q canto y canto cada vez q todo se vuelve a derrumbar

13 hours ago

I'm so in pain and this is the song i need... ☹

13 hours ago

Tears streaming starts at 2:26

14 hours ago

When you loose someone you can’t replace.....try fixing us now Kie??????X

15 hours ago

I really needed this. I can't sleep

16 hours ago

Por que aqui sonara tan bien y en vivo de la mierda u.u

17 hours ago

Es gibt nahezu wunderbare Künstler, aber am Ende entscheiden die Damen.....

18 hours ago

Best 5 minutes of my life ....😭😭😭😭😭😭

18 hours ago

Fix you and happy me

19 hours ago

Your name

19 hours ago

Watch your thoughts

they become your words

watch your words

they become your actions

watch your actions

they become your habits

watch your habits

they become your character

watch your character

it becomes your destiny.

19 hours ago

tha thing ,tha legend , tha MEME

19 hours ago

12 years in tears til now, but i still cannot yet fix myself, no one can fix me too. Still hoping God will fix me. Help me God.

20 hours ago

Guess who can fix you


19 hours ago

when u lose on second place in battle roayale game

21 hours ago

September 2018?

21 hours ago

Why it's always a cycle?
When will lights guide me home?
No one will try to fix us but just ourselves...
So hard trying...

21 hours ago


22 hours ago

hey sub to my channel
im a poor youtuber...😿

22 hours ago

Zyan - Fix you

22 hours ago

This song Fix Me

23 hours ago


23 hours ago

I am here from @lyrical_nirvana best page ever for music lovers 😍😍😍

1 day ago

when your dreams come true but you don"t succeed

1 day ago

I used to love to sing this song. I still do. Only now, since my brother passed away, I can't finish it. I can't, because I couldn't fix him. Over the years. Rest in peace, Catarino Encinia Jr., I miss you. Always.

1 day ago

Why Everyone listens this for died sister/friend/brother? I heard this from funny montages Anyone?(2018)

1 day ago

This song makes me sad, reminds me of when I got a dodgy bag of weed instead of the Super Haze i was promised (and paid for it might i add). Especially the part when he says "when you try your best and don't succeed" just could not get high off the shit weed.
It didn't even smell like weed, smelt more like feet, fking disgusting, gave me a soar throat. Till this day I don't know what it was, what I smoked. Watch out peeps for shady dealers

Then the guy that recommended this wannabe dealer tells me "that guy is a thief and fraud and sprays weed" thanks for that. Life is tough sometimes and then you get robbed!!
I felt like I was being punched in the face then kicked in the bawlz and getting my money snatched from me......fix that Mr Coldplay

1 day ago

um did i hear story of my life? yup same me me me

1 day ago