Video shows cop, suspect in brawl before shooting

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Published: 8 months ago
New video was released Friday showing a struggle between a police officer and a suspect moments before an officer-involved shooting took placer in Oxnard, California last weekend. KCAL's Chris Holmstrom reports.

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He should have been shot in the head. Como dice el dicho "muerto el perro se acaba la rabia"

3 hours ago

A damn shame the cop did not shoot this guy at the beginning. It was so dangerous to innocent people to not shoot this guy dead before ever approaching him or saying a word to him. This is a good example why police should shoot first, from a distance of 20 or more feet, and keep the peace. No dead person or dead criminal ever fought with a cop or tried to shoot one. And no dead person or dead criminal ever testified in court.

18 hours ago

Gun him down

22 hours ago

Go ahead and attempt to explain how a cops life is more important than mine

1 day ago

Gelnn Weaver ummm there the same no ones life is more important than another persons unless it’s a cop killer or just a killer in general there worthless

19 hours ago

If he was black , cop would’ve had a case

2 days ago

Pinche vídeos, xq madres los editan así con tantos cortos

3 days ago

Family didn’t do a thing to stop the incident , yet if he would of got killed somehow most of you will find blame on the cop

3 days ago

The guy is even dressed in an old timey stripped prison shirt

4 days ago

He didn’t try and take gun he tried to stop police from pulling his! And police didn’t wanna brawl so he shot em

4 days ago

Okay "LaMar" Whatever you say homie...Maybe watch the video next time...

3 hours ago


6 days ago

Good shoot

1 week ago

All cop in the world need to killed

1 week ago

Lack of training

1 week ago

I’m gonna go take a police officers gun and when I get shot I know I’ll be okay, I have YouTube/Facebook warriors to defend me!
Oh wait..
that’s not how the world works is it?
Okay stupid games = winning stupid prizes.
Don’t break the law and BAM.
Never have to worry about it.

1 week ago

I hope all liberals end up with cancer.

1 week ago

cops love to shot anyone

1 week ago

It's love to "shoot", not love to "shot", genius...

3 hours ago

The cop brought the situation on himself by trying to arrest him without any backup.

1 week ago

im glad he didnt shoot him after he ran

1 week ago

Dude deserved to at least be arrested for being so ugly......

1 week ago

No one helping the officer, just standing around like a bunch of zombies, those people should be ashamed to call themselves Americans.

2 weeks ago