Here's Why the 2001 BMW 7 Series Is the Best Luxury Sedan Ever

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Published: 7 months ago

The 2001 BMW 750iL is a special car -- and I think it's the most beautiful luxury sedan ever. Today I'm reviewing the 2001 BMW 7 Series to show you why I think the E38 7 Series is such a great car.

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E38 is two better than E36 ;) ;)

7 months ago

Repent and be holy be born again Jesus Christ is coming

2 days ago

E39 is 1 better than E38

1 week ago

E39 all day!

1 month ago


1 month ago

11 thousand'll take my paper clips back

21 minutes ago

E for Español Doug...😒😒😒

8 hours ago

"I personally believe that this is the best looking four doors.. AHAHAHHAh
You crazy dude

16 hours ago

Never knew these actually had turn signals. I kinda feel bad for the guys putting effort into making them.

18 hours ago

ok Chandler nice review.

20 hours ago

Doug's the kind of guy who keeps loose change in his pocket in case he needs to make a phone call.

1 day ago

Doug is filthy rich

2 days ago

If anyone who lives un Mallorca Spain wants a 1996 750i , i have one for sale for 2.600€

2 days ago

in india these type of cars coast double the price.. tax is huge in india

2 days ago

Vw phaetot batter😉

2 days ago

Doug, the type of guy to actually fire his vice-president of communications for stealing paper clips

2 days ago

These were the nicest looking 7 series ever however they were packed with tech most of which broke soon after you owned it.

2 days ago

I wish you'd get more technical sometimes... suspension is cool, too...

3 days ago

another reason for the best luxury sedan car is

tupac's last ride

3 days ago


1 day ago

The most beautiful 4-door sedan ever made? Most bloated is more like it. Doug looks like a Pigmy behind the wheel. Priced at $93,000? You need to drive a Jag. For $10k less, a supercharged Jag XJR of the same year would blow this barge into the weeds and look classier in the process. That golf clubs graphic in the Bummer's trunk says it all about this car’s performance priorities — and its driver's.

3 days ago

The Spanish word for "spanish" is espanol. Makes perfect sense to have E as opposed to USA

3 days ago

You should review the Hyundai Equus. That thing is the best luxury sedan for the price.

3 days ago

How much for this car?(not actually this one)

3 days ago

if you have money to waste, buy a bmw

3 days ago