The Final Four Comeback

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Published: 6 years ago

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Duhon(pro) battier(pro), boozer(pro) dunleavy(pro), jason williams(pro). Coach k(demigod)

3 months ago

The second time they came back on Maryland that season.

3 months ago

No wander Maryland hates Duke so much

4 months ago

Umbrace Titan true

1 month ago

Dukes why they left the acc lol

2 months ago

Easy to come back against anyone playing 8 on 5

1 year ago

+scythecam yes, thats about the only way. The refereed the momentum into dukes favor. I think those duke teams(battierwilliamsdunleavy) were some of the best teams to play college basketball. Big unc fan. Go heels. But i enjoyed what the blue devios had those years. Jason williams pro, dunleavy pro, boozer pro, duhon pro, battier pro. Coach k demigod. And baxtor and nelson were decent off the bench.should have won 2 championships imo.they truely were the super team of that span.

3 months ago

Generalee Not as easy as trolling the Dukies...

3 months ago

Lol refs dont make up a 33pt turnaround. Fuck off son.

4 months ago

Oh wow a Duke video isn't complete without some stupid comment about the refs.

5 months ago

What do Maryland and Duke students have in common?

They both applied to Duke

1 year ago