Cena and Reigns shoot from the hip in heated verbal exchange: Raw, Aug. 28, 2017

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Published: 1 year ago
The Cenation Leader and The Big Dog have a tense meeting in the squared circle as they prepare to make their match official for WWE No Mercy.


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Dog 😆

2 weeks ago

john cena👍👍👍👍👌💗

1 month ago

Roman regins big dog

1 month ago


1 month ago

Undertaker retired himselfwrestlemania 34

2 months ago

You can't bury me

3 months ago

John cenna can shut up I love Roman

4 months ago


4 months ago

If you like cena like
If you like reigns comment

5 months ago

Reigns in his current character is just awful

8 months ago

Roman reings i know you can beat John cena he really all talk of saying that he's gonna be you let's go roman reigns

8 months ago

This is awesome

Roman reigns and John cena are my favorite wrestler

8 months ago

My god reigns sucks he’s gotten better but my lord cena owns him

9 months ago

i was waiting to see them fihgt . John cena is going to win. he is the best super star ever in the world ever in the main event😎👍🤗👖

9 months ago

It should be Dean or cm punk against cena on mic...

9 months ago

3:48 a fan yells a DEMOTION

9 months ago

Guys what is fake bich

9 months ago

Man john cena roasted roman r

9 months ago

I'm sorry Roman I love you and all. I mean I love you, the shield, Seth, and Dean, but John Cena is a really big deal. He's the face of wwe. He's the only one who's song will play and even people who don't watch wwe will know who he is. He is a huge deal because he has wrestled like no other man. They made his "u can't see me" thing true and he had to wrestle blind folded, do I have to mention that he won? He has won the heavy world championship so much I always just wonder why it isn't on his shoulder. Not to mention that his ice cream popsicles were ledgendary. I'm still trying to look for them.

10 months ago

John cena is not bigger than a loser

11 months ago