Kicked Out & Hospitalized in Hollywood (OUCH!)

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Published: 1 year ago
Day 2 traveling to Hollywood, California as the vlogsquad with Alodia, Donnalyn Bartolome, and Jako De Leon arrive in Los Angeles for the premiere of Spiderman Homecoming at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Thanks to HOOQ for hooking up this group and giving us the opportunity to cover this event. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates of whats going on. On this day we go to the hospital and get kicked out of Warner Brothers :P Vlog 362

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Is there anything you can ask to Jako besides "how are you doin man"?. I hear it in every vlog with Jako. 😂😂😂

1 month ago

Can you do the Pikachu voice everytime you focus on alodia 😁

2 months ago

OMG!!! 3 tubes!! Ouch🥺

2 months ago

nice vlog tsong nice vlog there in california🙂

2 months ago

Jacko 2019 naaa!

3 months ago

Because you are a Vagabond,Hailey.

7 months ago

Man I just started watching your vlogs. :D Does someone know what song was playing at 1:30 though?

7 months ago

What's the song? Loved it!

9 months ago

Better try this Wil if you can ! Get Well soon alright ?

10 months ago

3:02 Its the song from NBA live

11 months ago

Donald trump?.......

1 year ago

ang gaganda ng mga sasakyan sa California

1 year ago

ang arte naman ni donnalyn

1 year ago

This is his cancer hurting

1 year ago

I am white, but wife is Panay. I am trying to get her into watching you and Alodia :D

1 year ago

Was every nurse in that office Filipina?

1 year ago

[email protected] the security !! Hahah wil?? you want help ? 
-president Duterte can help you !

1 year ago


1 year ago

I really love the music in this vlog 🙌

1 year ago

Sobrang humble at bait ni Wil ang swerte ni Alodia😊😊😊

1 year ago